July Favourites

29 July 2016

Another month another favourites post. I absolutely loved the heat wave we had. My aches and pains really loved the heat and I managed to get my tan on. My fan was definitely a strong favourite this month. I had to get my mum to bring it round to mine so I could actually sleep. Also may have used it to dry my hair and sat in front of it to drink coffee so I didn't overheat and die. Anyway here's some of my other faves this month.

july favourites

The Downside to Wheelchairs

27 July 2016

I love my wheelchair. Wilma is the love of my life and she makes my life so much easier. We do pretty much everything together and I don't know what I'd do without her. I've travelled, I got a degree, I get to go on days out. I couldn't have done any of this without my wheelchair. I have gained so much freedom by getting wheels. However, there are some downsides and I thought I'd share them with you today.

(Mermaid Sticker from Dorkface)

Disney Prints

25 July 2016

I was doing so well with my scheduling and then the nice weather came along and distracted me and then my body went down hill again and ruined it all. Just rude really. I had my tilt table test today so feel like crap and was told there was no significant change so still no answers which has put me in a bit of a grump. This means today you get a short but sweet post on the most stunning prints I have ever seen. 

Disney Prints

I saw these prints on someones instagram and immediately had to find out where they were from. Now that I have a desk area in my room (still currently blogging in bed rn shhh) I want to put cute prints up around it to inspire me and look pretty. Plus I managed to knock a max welt all down my wall today (don't ask) so I need to cover the cherry stain. These disney prints fit the bill perfectly.

I am a huuuge disney fan. I mean I nearly own every DVD. I am currently resting on my Sven cushion and joined by my Stitch stuffed toy. You just can't beat Disney.

Anyway, how gorgeous are these Belle & Jasmine prints by Rachel? I am so in love with them and can't wait to get them up on my wall. They're such good value for money and postage was super fast. I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for more.

You can check out her Etsy as well as instagram and twitter

Where is your fave place to get prints?
Who is your favourite disney character?


Disabled People do Smile

20 July 2016

You would not believe the number of comments I have had in the past few weeks regarding me being disabled and smiling. How are they linked you ask? They're not. Pretty simple.

"So sorry that you have to use a wheelchair, but you look so happy and smiley"
"I would never have guessed that you were disabled, you're so happy"
"You don't look like a disabled person, you have such a gorgeous smile"
"I didn't realise you were ill because you smile"

These are seriously a few of the things I have had said to me over the last month and similar have been said to my mum about me.
Just a picture of two disabled siblings pissing about in Ikea having a laugh. It may be a shock to you but it does happen. And yes we are both real disabled people and you can view this post if you have questions about my legs, shoes etc

As a disabled person I use a wheelchair, I go about my day to day life in said wheelchair. I am still a human being. There are days when I have my resting bitch face on and look like I will murder anyone who looks my way. Buut there are also days when I piss about and have a laugh with my family. Where I laugh at everything and get the giggles at something stupid. I'm always winding Ollie up & laughing at his reaction. I do suffer from depression but I would say I am a generally happy person who is usually laughing at something ridiculous or cracking a dirty joke.

I really cannot get my head around this whole I don't think of you as disabled because you smile mentality. Are disabled people supposed to just sit around crying over how shit our bodies are? I mean the world doesn't make it easy but we still like to get out and enjoy life.

If you want to compliment my smile go for it but don't then cancel it out by ignoring my disability. Being disabled isn't a bad thing, it just is what I am. It is not a compliment telling me I don't look disabled. You just look ignorant, especially when you back up this claim with the fact I smile. Being disabled is not an insult.

Disabled people are human beings. We smile, we laugh, we cry, we take selfies. We just seem to do it with a lot more judgement.

So please bear this in mind next time you want to tell someone you don't think of them as disabled because they laugh and joke.


Lancome Grandiose Eyeliner

18 July 2016

I popped into my local boots the other week for a browse when I got chatting to the lovely lady on the Lancome counter. We were talking about my crappy skin and my need for a new moisturiser so she gave me a few samples and then asked if I wanted to go to the release of the new Grandiose liner and mascara the following week. Obviously I said yes and put my name down. 

lancome grandiose eyeliner

lancome grandiose eyeliner

How gorgeous is the packaging of this eyeliner. I seriously bought this just because of how pretty it is. I didn't even know how good it was when I handed over my pennies. It was 100% worth it though and I am so glad I impulse bought it.

There is another reason I impulse bought this. It's a bit of a gimmick. It has a bendable handle. It feels wrong and like you're breaking it but you can snap the handle to the right or left depending on which eye you're doing etc. Pretty damn clever. Also it's different.

"The ergonomic technique allows symmetric access to both eyes and an extremely close access at the root of the lashes, for a high precision line
Why bend it?
GrandiƓse Liner is bendable for a better control. It gives:
• Easy access to the lash line from inner corner to outer wing for an effortless application.
• Close access at the root of the lashes, thanks to the angle, for a highly precise application
• Symmetric access to both eyes for even flicks" - Lancome

lancome grandiose eyeliner

I'm still getting to grips using the bent handle and I tend to just stick to what I know and use it straight but this is such a good eyeliner. It's like a felt tip but not and it's just so magical. The nib is so perfect and you can get such a sharp wing. The only thing I struggle with is getting a smooth line over the eye. I just need to work on which angle to hold the nib at though. This is such a perfect liner for beginners. It is soo easy to control. I do find that you need to dip the liner back in the pot for more product more than I usually would but I just can't get over how nicely it applies. It applies opaquely with one swipe and I just love it.

Onto one of the most important points. Staying power. This baby does not budge. It has some serious staying power. I even got my head stuck in my hoodie (don't ask I have no idea how) and I was expecting to have smudged my freshly done liner. Nope, still perfect. It dries matte so quickly which is great for me who always does her makeup last minute and is super clumsy (see hoodie incident). It lasts all day as well with no transferring to my upper lid which I sometimes get with my previous fave Rimmel exaggerate and it also survived the 2 hour wheelchair basketball training test. Not a single smudge and no fading. Winner.
lancome grandiose eyeliner
This is a lot pricier than I would normally pay for an eyeliner. £28 compared to my usual £6 but I think I'm in love. It's the full package. Gorgeous packaging, amazing application and such a great formula.

Have you tried it yet?


Dose of Colors matte liquid lipsticks

15 July 2016

This purchase is 100% entirely Sarah's fault. She text me to talk her out of buying several lipsticks which massively backfired because I obvs told her to do it. I then went onto the site to look at the colors she was buying and accidentally ended up ordering 2 of my own. So I hold Sarah entirely responsible. Total enabler. 

Dose of Colours matte liquid lipsticks

Not So Serious Winged Liner Tutorial

13 July 2016

If you've seen any of my many many selfies that I post on Instagram and snapchat or if you know me in real life you will know that if I'm wearing makeup there is a 99.9% chance I will be rocking winged liner. I cant help it. Even if I plan on doing a more natural look my hands just automatically wing it out. I just love a good wing.

I am 90% sure my eyeliner is wonky in this picture 

 Kelly from The Vegan Taff is always asking me how I do my eyeliner. After giving them my super helpful advice the girls told me I should do a post. I hope you're ready for this.

Spoiler I am shockingly bad at giving advice and being remotely helpful. I just don't know how to explain things and words are difficult. Sooo this is more of a comedy tutorial because I have no idea what I'm doing. I literally just wing my life

1. Put on some tunes. Music is essential.

2. Psyche yourself up. You've totally got this. Give yourself a pep talk

3. Don't panic. Liquid eyeliner can smell your fear

3. Do your first eye


5. Stop for a dance party and to belt out the chorus. No multi tasking here. That is far too complicated

6. Deep breath

7. Do the other eye

8. Get it wonky

9. Swear

10. Wipe off and repeat steps 6-9 several times

11. Get a slightly less wonky wing.

12. Make each wing bigger to make them match

13. Admit defeat, matching wings was so last year anyway and they'll be above your eyebrows soon

14. Use your hair to cover the less impressive wing

15. Add a bold lip to distract from the uneven wings

16. Rock it

Seriously my advice to you is practice. I sucked so bad at wings when I first started. It always took several attempts and never matched. Now I tend to be able to do it first time the majority of the time and as you can see from the photo I'm getting lazier at making them match. There are still days where it just doesn't work. I used to practice at night before I was taking my makeup off anyway. Helped by the fact that I can never sleep. Practice makes perfect. Also my fave eyeliner is the Rimmel exaggerate liquid liner. It's cheap, easy to make a precise line and it lasts on my face.

Sorry for not being of any use to you


July 2016 You Beauty Box

12 July 2016

I unsubscribed from the You Beauty Box a while ago because I wasn't really feeling their choices. It was a lot of skincare and I never really used it. I happened to check what was this months box and decided to treat myself again. I do love getting a box of goodies every month and this box is such a good price plus I'm more into skincare now. I just find these boxes such good value for money.

They've recently updated their choices so you have a choice of 3 prices. You can get 2 products for £6.95, 3 products for £8.95 and 4 for £10.95. So there's a choice for every budget. I decided to splash out a bit more and go for the 3 product deal.

July 2016 you beauty box

So here's what I got in my box

Rodial Stemcell Super-food Glam Balm Multi (25ml)

I chose this because it's a super nourishing balm that can be used on everything. As you know my skin is super dry at the mo and I have some really dry patches. I also struggle with dry elbows and the skin around my knuckles tends to crack in winter so I thought I'd be prepared. I haven't fully tried this yet but it has quite a strong scent so I'm a bit nervous. Great for chucking in my bag though.

Illamasqua Precision Ink liner in Abyss (Full Size)

This was the first product I picked. As you may know I am obsessed with liquid liner. I am very rarely without a winged liner. I tried this as soon as it arrived and I'm so pleased - full review to come soon. This product on it's own is worth £20.50 so I already got more than my moneys worth and I now have another liquid liner in my collection. You can never have too many.

White Rabbit Lime & Coconut Cleansing Water (30ml)

I had never heard of this brand before but it's a vegan skincare brand with some amazing sounding products. I'm excited to try this cleansing water and it's the perfect size for travelling which I do way too much of. I also received a £10 voucher with no minimum spend. How awesome is that? So I ordered a toner. They also have certain products that donate money to a M.E charity.

As an extra everyone receives a 50ml St Tropez In shower gradual tan and a £2 off voucher for St Tropez shower lotion in Boots. I'm not really into fake tanning so I'll probably give this to a friend.

July you beauty box

All in all I'm really happy with my box and I'm excited to try everything out. I also can't wait to see what will be in next months choices.

Do you get a You Beauty Box?

Falling Back in Love with Myself

11 July 2016

This is gonna be a general word vomit kinda post and there is a TW for weight loss, body image, eating disorders. Please don't read if any talk of weight loss will trigger you. Be safe and I love you <3

I've been on slimming world for a year and lost 3 and a half stone. I still want to lose a bit more but I've really been struggling with my body image recently. Slimming world has been great for helping me lose weight and sort out my meals etc. I eat so much healthier now, all our meals are cooked from scratch (thanks mum) and I eat a lot more fruit and veg.

We've recently had a load of birthdays and life has been hectic so obviously my food choices haven't been great. Who can say no to cake? Plus we've been out for a lot of birthday meals. This means I've had a few months of maintaining my weight or gains. This shouldn't bother me. I haven't eaten my healthiest and I've been having fun.

Unfortunately it was getting to me. I was dreading weigh night to the point of actually feeling sick. I felt judged by everyone there (99% they weren't judging me at all) because I haven't lost weight in ages. However, I did find that Slimming world tends to feel like Fat is bad. You can't be happy fat and a lot of people talk with a lot of hatred towards their body's which was also getting me down. I felt like I shouldn't be happy with myself. I was putting so much pressure on myself. This made it so that I wasn't enjoying my food at all. I would eat some birthday cake or go for a meal out. It would be delicious but as soon as I'd finished it I felt guilty and like I was cheating. It genuinely affected my mood. No one should feel guilty for eating.

L-R 5 years ago, last year and 2 weeks ago

I've always been bigger than my friends. Been plus size my whole teenage life. Being able to exercise when your body literally falls apart makes life very difficult. School work, having a life and my health have always been way more important to me than being skinny. Even now I'm not bothered about being skinny. I just want to feel a tad more confident in my clothes and eat healthier. So when did I let my body start getting me down?

My weight has never stopped me doing anything. I've never felt ugly because of my weight and no one ever should. If you follow me on instagram you may have noticed I'm a tad vain. Love a good selfie or 3.

I've quit slimming world to give myself a break from the pressure. I'm still sticking to the healthier eating although there have been a few doughnuts involved. I'm going to try super hard to fall back in love with myself. Going to forget all about my weight and go by how I feel. I also desperately want to get a high waisted bikini to feel like a goddess for the summer so let me know your recommendations. I'm off to check out all my fave plus size babe bloggers.

If you read this whole thing you get a gold star <3


Beauty Bakerie Lip Whips

8 July 2016

Ever since I saw Beauty Bakerie lipsticks on Instagram I have wanted to try them but I was not about to pay the shipping from america on top of the $20 price tag. When I saw that Cocktail cosmetics was now stocking them I had to get some. Even their shipping prices nearly put me off. I mean £4.25. Is there any need?

Beauty bakerie

beauty bakerie lip whip

I ordered Cranberry Stiletto and Raspberry Tiramisu. At £15.95 these are not on the cheaper side. Can we just take a moment to appreciate the packaging. The turquoise top is my favourite colour ever and I love the silver detailing on it. I am obsessed with the frosted glass tube with the product appearing in a helix shape. I mean how cute. Packaging gets a 10/10 from me.

Onto the product. It has no smell which I was a lil bit disappointed by. With a name like Beauty Bakerie and a cake theme I expected them to smell like cake or at least vanilla. A bit like the lime crime and stila liquid lipsticks. At least they don't smell overly chemically.
beauty bakerie lip whip
As the two colours I picked are on the darker side they did apply streaky. I think Ofra and maybe stila are the only dark lipsticks I have that don't do this. I really struggled to get an even application with Raspberry Tiramisu even with touch ups etc. Cranberry stiletto was easier and only needed to touch up a few lighter patches.

These are marketed as long lasting, waterproof, smudge free lipsticks. I swatched these on my arms and once they are dry they really don't smudge and are definitely waterproof. My mum was laughing at me because I couldn't get the swatches off. To remove I have found that only my L'oreal extraordinary oil cleansing oil could get it to budge. Ultrabland barely even touched it. Definite staying power but a massive bitch to get off. I had to scrub my lips pretty hard with a flannel to get it to even budge. At least my lips are now nicely exfoliated.

beauty bakerie lip whip cranberry stiletto

On the lips however they're a bit weird. They feel kinda sticky even when dry which is a weird sensation. I wouldn't say they are the most comfortable to wear. You're definitely aware of it on your lips. They are definitely smudge proof. They don't transfer at all which my brother appreciated when I stole his drink. However, after a bit they wear off in the centre so you're left with a lipstick that's a bitch to remove on most of your mouth and then a naked patchy centre. Not a good look. I hadn't even eaten anything and only drank water soo it's not like I was eating oily foods. Touching up isn't too bad, it doesn't clump together so that's a plus but it feels like you need to layer it on even more to get an even coverage making it more uncomfortable.

beauty bakerie lip whip swatches

Cranberry stiletto lip whip swatch
Cranberry Stiletto on application and 3 hours later
(sorry for the poor quality photos and weird lighting. Tips on better lip swatch photos

These lipsticks weren't really for me. They have a gorgeous range of colours and their packaging is stunning. I wouldn't mind the price if they lived up to the claims. I'm going to keeo trying with Cranberry stiletto (selfie of me wearing it here) because I do love the colour but I'm probably going to sell Raspberry tiramisu. It's such a good concept if it had worked.

Have you tried them?


Lush Scrubs

6 July 2016

If you saw my Lush skincare post the other week you would have seen that I am a new Lush skincare convert. I am in love with ultrabland and all that it has done for my face. My skin has never looked so good. I have also been trying out some scrubs and I can tell you that I am still in love with Lush. You may remember from some of my previous posts that I am super fussy when it comes to body scrubs. I like them to be gritty and actually feel like they are doing something. Lush scrubs pass my standards. 

Lush Ocean salt review

Lush rub rub rub review

Ocean salt was recommended to me when I went into the store to moan about my skin. Its good for dry skin as it contains "avocado butter, coconut oil and seaweed absolute to keep your skin soft, smooth and conditioned". I use this once a week to get rid of any dead skin and it leaves my face soft and it feels so nourished. Definitely doesn't dry your skin out. I struggled for ages to find a face scrub that didn't break me out in a weird rash or give me horrific breakouts. It also contains limes steeped in vodka which is pretty cool. I don't recommend getting it in your mouth though. This can be used on your body too but I tend to keep it for my face and use rub rub rub for my body.

As you can see Rub Rub Rub is very well used. I am very nearly out and it's very sad. It smells incredible and leaves my skin feeling super soft. I prefer to use this on dry skin as it's more gritty and feels like it works better. I slather this on my body, mainly my legs, before jumping (haha I wish more like walking slowly holding onto my grab handles and trying not to die) into the shower. Then I wash it off, shave my legs and then spend the rest of the night stroking my legs and making every body in the vicinity feel how soft they are. Now my favourite ever scrub is the Sanctuary Spa Hot Sugar Scrub. I think that still may be top as it feels soo good but this one is definitely a close second. Plus it's blue and that's my fave colour so it was meant to be.

What is your favourite scrub?
What else do I need to try from Lush?


Outfit Post Fail

5 July 2016

Yesterday we went out for dinner for my brothers 21st. I actually got dressed up and wore something other than pyjamas or leggings and it felt good although no where near as comfy as pjs. I put on one of the 2 dresses I actually own and actually wore heels. Not a trainer in sight. I got all excited and thought I could actually do an outfit post and get some photos in front of the sea in Aberaeron. The wind had other ideas. Every photo was just an epic fail and I could not stop laughing so I decided to share them with you anyway. I mean you can kind of see my outfit.

The middle photo makes me laugh so much. I have about 10 different photos all of me trying to stop my dress flying up and I'm 90% sure I flashed my ass at one point. Moving on to outfit details. I'm sorry but as I rarely go out all of these clothes are ollld but I tried finding similar items for you. 

Dress - New Look
Tights - I want to say New Look but I cant remember (similar here)
Shoes - New Look (similar here minus the studs)

On the plus side I got some pretty awesome selfies if I do say so myself. I'm really feelin my face in these pics so you can have some makeup deets too. I've just got a new foundation. I've only worn it twice so far but oh my it is love. As soon as I've tested it out more I will give you a full review. 

So that was my second attempt at an outfit post. Here's hoping third time lucky and I will actually get some decent photos. I definitely want to do more outfit posts and my dad has already volunteered to be official photographer. Although what do you do with your arms and your face? Like seriously I just end up looking super awkward or laughing. Tips please. 

Also I may do some chronic illness style posts with like my fave pyjamas and comfiest clothes. I totally rock the leggings and loose T-shirt combo.


Yours Non Wired Lace Bras

4 July 2016

It is no secret that I hate wearing bras. I avoid wearing one at every opportunity. I'm not wearing one right now and my bra is usually the first thing I take off when I get in the house. I mean it doesn't even last that long most of the time. My family have got used to me taking it off in the car for the journey home and my mum even had to undo it for me whilst I was driving once.

I suffer really badly with rib pain and the bastard that is know as costochondritis. Seriously one of the most painful things I have ever experienced. The pain literally stops me in my tracks & makes breathing soo painful. Why does it have to be so essential to life. As you can imagine, a bra sitting on your ribs encourages the damn thing and exacerbates the pain hence why I avoid them.

However, when you have kinda big boobs and live in vest tops a bra is some times essential. Apparently flashing is frowned upon. Who knew? This meant I tended to live in my sports bra but they have really chunky bands and get quite hot. Then I found these gorgeous non wired lace bras in yours and it was love at first wear. 

Yours Non Wired Lace Bras

Bras for rib pain

I used to only buy wired bras but my ribs just cannot cope so when I saw these in Yours I had to try them. I got the black and the pink. They also do a white but they didn't have my size in stock otherwise I would have picked that one up too. These bras are seriously the comfiest bras I have ever tried. They range from a 38C to a 46G and the best bit they are only £10. Bargain. Unfortunately I think they are old stock so they are low in stock and sizes.

 I cannot recommend them enough for my fellow plus size people who struggle with pain or who just want to be comfy. The straps are wide enough that they don't hurt my shoulders but not wide enough to stand out when I wear my vest tops. Plus the straps are lace and look cute af so who cares if people see them. I can wear these bras all day without pain. It doesn't even feel like I'm wearing one but I still get the support and avoid any nip slips. Plus look how damn cute they are. I honestly cannot recommend these enough. My mum also highly rates them, another person who avoids wearing a bra at every opportunity.

Yours Non Wired Lace Bras

Where is your fave place to get comfy bras?


p.s it was really hard to photograph these so sorry if the photos aren't great

June Favourites

1 July 2016

I've never done a favourites post before but I loove reading them so here's hoping I can get organised enough to do one every month. I have quite a few favourites this month so here goes.

June favourites

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

Everyone always raves about makeup sponges but I've always used brushes until this month. I picked this up on a whim and I am in love. How have I never tried this before. It applies my foundation like a dream. Blends perfectly and leaves me with such a flawless base. I may have to pick up a beauty blender soon.

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Baci

I love liquid lipsticks and I especially love Stila liquid lipsticks. They have serious staying power and such a gorgeous range of colours. I have worn Baci so much this month. It is such a gorgeous colour and perfect for when I don't want anything to colourful. It has some mauve/grey tones going on and it's just stunning. I did a full review on the Eternal Love set here

Stila One Step Correct Colour Corrector

This primer has been my go to this month. Perfect for my weird extremely red cheeks. It tones it all down nicely ready for my foundation and I just love it. Its such a good base for my foundation and works well with my dry skin. Plus it looks super cool in the bottle. Full Review here

Oriflame Tender Care Protecting Balm

I got this in a You Beauty Box forever ago and never really used it. I recently rediscovered it when I was packing all my shit up to move house and became intrigued. The packaging is just beyond gorgeous and it looks so pretty on my dressing table. It's a bit of a bitch to get the product of the pot but it's worth it. I've mainly been using this on my lips as they've been so chapped lately. I used it once and bam luscious smooth lips over night. Miracle. I also use it around my nose piercing as that gets a bit dry. Seriously if you struggle with sore dry lips you need this beautiful pot of magic

Armani Code for Women

I switch my perfume up all the time and don't really have a signature scent. I have about 5 on the go right now but Armani Code is definitely winning top spot at the mo. I used to wear this years ago and then I was too poor to repurchase. Buuut I got it on the ferry when I went to France last year and Im obsessed again. I suck at describing scents but this what the site says.
Top Notes: Jasmine, Orange
Heart Notes: Orange Blossom
Base Notes: Honey, Vanilla
It smells amazing

Original Source Coconut Shower Gel

I am addicted to all things coconut at the moment. I am also addicted to Original Source shower gels. They are the best shower gels I have ever tried and I currently have 4 different scents on the go (coconut, raspberries & vanilla, Mango and Wild cherry & nettle). They are so creamy and moisturising and they smell heavenly. My faves are the coconut (obvs) and Vanilla & raspberry. They smell edible.

Batiste Heat & Shine Spray

I did a full review on this the other day. I use this spray every time I straighten my hair and every time I cannot get over how soft and shiny it is. It's incredible.

What have you been loving this month?