N:rem Foam Tablet Trial

27 November 2015

I don't sleep well at all. In fact I'm pretty sure sleep hates me. I take forever to get to sleep and wake up a billion times during the night. Any sleep I do get is poor quality and not in the slightest restorative. Just one of the beautiful side effects of my chronic illness. For those of you who don't know I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and Fibromyalgia and my body is just a bundle of pain (with a hint of glitter).

I was contacted by N:rem asking if I wanted to give their 10 day foam tablet trial a go. As my sleep is so awful and I have tried every mattress in our house (we have a lot) and still can't get comfy there wasn't much to lose giving this a whirl.

The N:rem comfort trial* is for 10 days and consists of 5 tablets of different densities which include Firm, medium, soft & super soft. You then arrange these under your sheet depending on your needs.

NRem comfort topper

I'll be honest and say the first night I tried these I did not get on with them at all. My back hurt and it resulted in me taking them off my bed at 4am because I could not get comfortable. However I had napped from 6-7.30pm so sleep wasn't gonna happen anyway.

Turns out my body defies rules and recommendations. It is suggested that you put the softer tablets under the areas of most pain which is what I tried the first night. Unfortunately because my body is so bendy my back and hips ended up bending weird without the support. I tried all 3 suggested arrangements but there just wasn't enough support for my back/hips. 

nrem sleep better trial

(L-R For hip pain, lower back pain & back pain)

In the end I opted for Super Soft, Medium, Firm, Soft, Super Soft and this was perfect. The Firm tablet was in the perfect position to support my lower back and hips and the softer tablets could cradle my legs. It was like lying on a cloud and oh so comfy. 

Now it didn't magically cure my lack of sleep and I still struggled to get to sleep & woke up during the night but I was much comfier and may have even woken up less. I also spend a lot of time sat in my bed watching Netflix or blogging and I can safely say it is extremely comfy to sit on as well. I did find though that I got really warm as my temperature regulation is completely non-existent. I also move so much in my sleep that the tablets shifted on my bed quite a lot and I had to re-position them every night which was a bit of a pain.

That being said having to hand them back was pretty sad as they were so comfy and I loved the fact that they had different tablets for different needs. 

The topper is pretty pricey and I'm not sure I could commit to spending that much on a topper but if you are struggling with pain and comfort it is definitely something you should look into. 

You can get a 30 day free trial after purchasing with a full refund if you are not satisfied and find N:rem on Twitter


* I was sent this product free of charge for the purpose of reviewing however it does not affect my views and the opinions expressed in this review are independent and my own

Film Review // Hotel Transylvania 2

24 November 2015

If you read my Spectre review you will know that part of my disappointment was that I had really wanted to see Hotel Transylvania instead but it was sold out. Then Spectre let me down and my day was ruined (slight exaggeration).

Well you will be pleased to hear I finally got to see Hotel Transylvania 2 and it was soo much better than Spectre.

Hotel Transylvania 2 review

"Dracula and his friends try to bring out the monster in his half human, half vampire grandson in order to keep Mavis from leaving the hotel."

Hotel Transylvania is one of my favourite films and even made it onto my Top 10 non Disney animated films

I was so excited for this one to come out and like the child I am I stropped when I didn't get to go. Luckily my brother is just as much of a child as me so we had a cinema day last weekend.

This definitely lived up to expectations and I laughed so much. Dennis is such an adorable half human half vampire child and him & Winnie are too cute. Seeing how far Dracula will go to bring out the fangs in Dennis is hilarious and I loved the adapted version of twinkle twinkle little star. 

Drac also busts out some epic moves again and Dennis may actually top him in dance ability. 

Getting to see Mavis in the human world is also so funny. Although to be fair, I get that excited about different flavour slush puppies too. 

Have you seen it yet?
What did you think?


Welsh Girl Problems

20 November 2015

First of if you're welsh (and even if your not) you need to be following Welsh Girl Problems on Twitter. Seriously she is a babe and so funny. Also if you ever need to keep up with the Rugby she's your girl. 

I was lucky enough to meet the babe behind Welsh Girl Problems at the #PartyAtTheAngel blogger meet a few months ago. So obviously I had to treat myself to some of her lush products. I mean how awesome are these.

This mug may be my favourite ever mug and I love getting this mirror out to check my lippie. YOu need these in your life and you can get them all in the fab welsh girl problems shop.


Kitchen Essentials

18 November 2015

I'm not allowed in the kitchen very often because that place is dangerous. So many things to injure myself on. Way too clumsy to be allowed in there. Buut there are a few things that I can use safely and mean I can actually eat if I'm ever left alone (not very often. I might starve to death or fall & die).

So I thought I'd share some extremely helpful kictchen stuff which is soo helpful for my fellow chronic illness warriors but also great for healthy people who just want an easier life.

kitchen aids

Microwave Rice Cooker - Who can cook rice perfectly in a pan? Like is that actually a thing? I cant lift pans so thats my excuse for not being able to use them. Cook too much? Get stodgy rice? Cannot get it perfect? (Do I sound like a commercial yet?) This little pot of magic will save your life. It telss you how much rice and water to add & how long to microwave it for perfect rice. Its sooo easy even I can do it (although my flatmate did get it wrong once & we have no idea how). Now even if I've been abandoned and am too low on energy to life I can at least bung some rice in the microwave. 

Electric Tin Opener - If you don't have one of these in your life WHY NOT. Who has time to wrestle with manual tin openers. Do people still buy them? Is having enough grip to be able to use them humanly possible or just for gorillas? I took mine to uni & everyone used it, even the weird guy that never spoke to us. It took a while for them to understand it & trying to teach them was hilarious. It's not even difficult. Anyway I digress. Just get one. Change your life. 

Smoothie Maker - I go through periods of time where eating just doesn't happen. My stomach kicks up a fuss and refuses food because it's an angry lil shit. I'm pretty sure everyone & their gran has one of these now but they are so easy. Just whack in some frozen fruit & some liquid, blitz & then you have a kinda meal for when your stomach hates life. 

Microwave Egg Poacher - I've only recently started eating eggs in any way other than scrambled (and in cake obvs). But I am now in love with poached eggs and this little contraption means I don't have to stand by a pan and by me I mean my mum (love you mum). Just crack some eggs into it, microwave and ding poached eggs with zero hassle.

Soup Maker - If you saw my beautifully written Butternut squash soup recipe the other day you will know how much I love this machine. Seriously the best present I have ever got my mum. I am obsessed with soup at the moment. I have it nearly every day and I am still so in love with it. With this magical machine you just chop up your veg, chuck it in with stock & turn it on. Then 21 mins later you have hot and smooth soupy goodness that is just delicious. Seriously I cannot big this machine up enough. My mum chucks it on when she's getting ready for work & then she takes hot soup with her for lunch (and puts mine aside for when Im actually wake isnt she a star). My only issue with it is its quite heavy but no ones perfect.

Helen also has a chronic pain cookbook which has so much helpful information  as well as easy things to prepare on bad days so you should definitely go and check that out.  

What are your must haves in the Kitchen?


Aloha Lola Cards

16 November 2015

If you haven't see Aloha Lola Cards on Twitter have you been living under a rock? The adorable caricatures of bloggers have taken over twitter and such a lovely person behind the twitter account. She understood my despair over the lack of unicorn emojis when my phone wouldn't update and we had an in depth conversation about our love for Dominos. Mmm pizza

I am so in love with my caricature. Like seriously, how awesome is this?

aloha lola caricatures

You can check them out on Etsy where you can buy personalised cards for every occasion and your own caricature. If you are looking for a unique card for a friend then you need to check them out. Also treat yourself to a caricature. You know you want to. Buy yourself a card. Treat yourself

Ohhh and you can also follow Aloha Lola on Instagram to see all the adorable creations.


Butternut squash Soup

15 November 2015

I am seriously addicted to home made soup at the moment. Like a little bit obsessed. I think I've had it for lunch almost every day for the last 2 weeks. It is so easy and tastes so good and soup and Autumn are such a beautiful pairing. Butternut squash soup has to be one of my favourites. It's just so good and you can add so many things to it.

Butternut squash soup

To make this an even easier meal I got my mum a soup maker for Christmas last year because I am a top daughter. You need one in your life (a soup maker not a daughter)

Serves 4

1 Butternut Squash
Red Onion
500ml vegetable Stock
smoked paprika
chilli powder

Now me and my mum are not great at measuring as you can see by my ingredients list. We just whack it all in and hope for the best. So far so good though. With the handy soup maker, which I recommend for all of my fellow sick people - it is soo easy, you just chuck everything in put the lid on & turn it on. Then in 21mins you have delicious hot soup. Magic.

However you can make it the good old fashioned way and just cook your veg & then add the stock and bring to the boil and simmer for a bit. Then you just blend it all up to delicious soupy goodness. Seriously does it get any easier

Then you can add whatever seasoning takes your fancy. I am obsessed with Smoked Paprika at the moment. I use so much of this stuff and it is soooo good in this soup. Heaven in a bowl. I also like to add some chilli powder for a bit of a kick. I only add it to my bowl though because my family are such babies (soz mum).

And that is the end of the least detailed and probably least helpful recipe you have ever read. Seriously just bung it all in, blend and season. Make it up as you go along. You can also add celery (vom), potato, pepper. The choices are endless.

Go make all the soups. 


Milestone Giveaway

13 November 2015

I've been meaning to put this up for a while but life just got a bit hectic. I recently reached 200 followers on Bloglovin which means the world to me. Then in the same week I hit 1,500 Twitter followers and 550 instagram followers which was clearly a sign I needed to do a milestone giveaway. My first ever give away. Im excited.

So I decided to do a random bundle of goodies of things I've been loving at the moment.

Whats in the Bundle

  • Unicorn Ring Holder - I am obsessed with unicorns and this is so cute and looks great on my dressing table so I had to get one for this
  • I Wish This Was Wine Mason Jar - If you read my cute cups post you'll know I have a lot of these kind of glasses and they're so handy
  • Yankee Candle Cassis Votive - I mean who doesn't love candles
  • Gold Star Midi Ring - I am in love with midi rings and wear 2 constantly
  • Prairie Charms Hair Bands & Unicorn Bow 
  • Gold Notebook - Every bloggers essential and instagram worthy
  • Rimmel Salon Pro Nail Polish in Rhythm & Blues - I am addicted to dark nails now that its colder
  • Collection 2000 Nail Polish in Bongo Beat  - Everyone needs mermaid nails in their lives.
  • Colourpop Matte Liquid Lipstick in Midi - I made a colourpop order using a mail forwarding service and couldn't not get something for this so I went for a nude.
  • DorkFace Customised Card - I am so in love with Jemma and her art and wanted to make sure someone else got to experience her amazingness. I am still so obsessed with my mermaid in disguise card (Not Pictured).
Terms & Conditions
  • UK Only (sorry postage)
  • The giveaway will run for 3 weeks starting 13/11/15 12am - 4/12/15 12am
  • The winner will be contacted through Twitter & if there is no reply in 48hours another winner will be drawn

Good Luck 
And Thank You so much for following my ramblings and sporadic blogging
You guys mean the world to me


Film// Spectre Review

10 November 2015

I went to see Spectre last week and I was so disappointed. I love a good action film and even though Im not Daniel Craigs biggest fan James Bond usually delivers.

It doesn’t help that I was all psyched up to see Hotel Transylvania 2 but I forgot it was half term. There were screaming children everywhere and the next 3 screenings were sold out *sob*. Damn children ruining my life. So spectre it was.

spectre review

The main thing I can say about this film was it was just Boring. Like fighting to stay awake boring. There were 3 maybe 4 main scenes which had a load of action and then I can’t really tell you what happened in the in between bits because I honestly can’t remember. Maybe my expectations were just too high. 

It seems like they didn't really think through the whole story line. 

I hated the fact that the Bond girl went from hating Bonds guts and being all feisty to being head over heels declaring her love for him in about 2 secs. I mean really? They'd only known each other for a day if that. She did rock a red lip though.

Also what the hell was that helicopter scene at the beginning? Thaat was just ridiculous. And Daniel Craig Im sorry but you are looking olllld. Also that girl was young enough to be your daughter. You should be ashamed. 

Maybe I need to watch it again with lowered expectations. 

What did you think?


The Dead Letter Review

8 November 2015

I had never heard of Finley Martin before receiving The Dead Letter* to review but its safe to say I will definitely be checking out more of his work. I really enjoyed this book and if you are a fan of the crime/detective genre then I definitely recommend it.  

"It is 2001 and the police constable's girlfriend is murdered in a fit of jealous rage. When the constable realizes what he has done, he manages an elaborate cover-up. Only one person knows the truth. 

Flash forward to 2012. Anne Brown is still running her late uncle, Bill Darby's, detective agency after spending four or five years as his assistant. One day, the postman delivers an eleven year-old letter. The letter is addressed to her uncle from a woman named Carolyn Jollimore. She says she has evidence about a murder and begs for help from Darby. But Bill Darby is dead. And when Anne looks up the letter's author, she finds that Jollimare too is now dead.

Troubled with the evidence at hand, Anne must decide if she should investigate this eleven-year old murder."

This book jumps straight into the nitty gritty storyline which I love. It is different to most other crime books in that it tells you who the murderer is in the first chapter but you are the only one that knows. You get to follow the journey to see if & when anyone else works it out with a few twists along the way. 

There is still some mystery though. The first chapter also starts with an affair and a pregnancy and we don't know who she had an affair with and who the father is. So there is still the mystery of who else could be involved in the drama. 

Anne is an awesome main character who is dedicated to finding the truth no matter who/what stands in her way. The storyline does go off on a few tangents relating to Annes life that don't really have a huge importance to the storyline but it makes you get to know her character more. She's only human.

 I'm a huge lover of the crime genre and thoroughly enjoyed this book.

Have you read any of Finley Martins books?


* I was sent this product free of charge for the purpose of reviewing however it does not affect my views and the opinions expressed in this review are independent and my own

Kiss Cosmetics Colour Switch

2 November 2015

Kiss Cosmetics is relatively new to the scene of makeup but they are doing great things.  One of their most innovative products is the Colour Switch*. The aim of the Colour switch is to at least double your lipstick collection if not more depending how much white is used. You can have all the colours. It would also be good for minimising how many lippies you need to take whilst travelling (No Beth you do not need 10 lipsticks for a weekend away). 

kiss cosmetics colour switch

kiss cosmetics colour switch

The colour switch is a white opaque lipstick which can be used to change the colour of any other lipstick. How magical is that? 

All you have to do is apply the colour switch then add your chosen lipstick over the top and blend. Ta-da new lip colour. 

This is perfect for if you have spontaneously purchased a colour which you later found too dark. Just use the colour switch to lighten it up a bit and now you can rock it all the time. Don't have the perfect shade of pink just lighten up one you already have. The possibilities are endless

It can also be used to perfect the ombre lip. Just use the colour switch in the centre of your lips. Magic. 

The swatch below uses the gorgeous berry red Lady In Red Kisstick* which I am now obsessed with. It is such a gorgeous shade. You can see how dramatically the shade can change though with Colour switch. The last swatch is about 4 swipes of the colour switch and one of the Lady in red.

Kiss cosmetics lady in red

What do you think of the colour switch?


* I was sent this product free of charge for the purpose of reviewing however it does not affect my views and the opinions expressed in this review are independent and my own