Charles Worthington Melting Balm

30 June 2016

After being super lazy with my hair for so long I am now obsessed with hair products. I was kindly sent a package of goodies (Fudge Urban & Sanctuary spa reviews) a while ago and I've been meaning to review this rescue balm for ages. 

Charles Worthington Melting Balm

This Charles Worthington Intense Rescue Melting Balm* melts into an oil with the heat of your hand in order to rescue dry, damaged hair by deeply conditioning it. You apply to dry hair and comb through, leaving it to sink in for 20 mins before washing it off. Also major selling point this balm smells incredible. I'm sat sniffing the tub whilst writing the post. It is soo good.

"Its blend of 7 exotic oils and butters is packed with lipids and proteins, similar to those naturally found in healthy hair."

It is specially formulated to decrease hair breakages and repair split ends. I can't vouch for this because I ignore my ends until I get them cut and don't really pay attention to splint ends so I haven't noticed any change in that. It also claims to make hair less frizzy and easier to style after only 1 week of use and leaves hair renewed and extremely healthy after 2 weeks of use. This balm can also be used as an overnight mask and a tiny amount can be used to control frizzy hair whilst styling. Multi purpose for the win.

I found it definitely helped with general frizziness and it made my locks oh soo soft. Seriously my hair looks and feels lush. I did found it quite difficult to wash out though due to the oil and general thickness of the product in my hair. I used it once and only realised the next day that I hadn't managed to wash it out completely so had a really greasy streak. Not a great look. So just be warned to make sure you really pay attention when washing it out. I have to use shampoo 3ish times and rinse for quite a while. Buut on the plus side I don't have to use conditioner afterwards because my hair is already super soft & my hair gets greasy with too much conditioning. Annnd your hair will smell incredible.

The packaging suggests using it once or twice a week for best results. My hair isn't too dry and goes through phases of getting quite greasy so I don't use it that often as it is very intense and moisturising. However if you struggle with dry and frizzy hair I would definitely recommend this. It is so nourishing and gives so much life back to dry hair. It also reduced frizziness from blow drying. My hair was definitely less poofy.

What are your fave hair masks?


* I was kindly sent this product free of price for the purpose of review, however it does not affect my views and the opinions expressed in this review are independent and my own

Cute Stickers by Dorkface

27 June 2016

I am so sorry that my scheduling has gone to shit and I keep going like a week without posting. I had just started to get on top of things when I got hit by a massive flare as well as general busyness. My body is being a little bitch at the mo and fatigue is kicking my ass. Seriously I am so tired I struggle to form sentences and cry at stupid things. I will try my best to get more motivated and make scheduling my bitch but bear with me.

I thought today whilst I curl up in a ball in my pjs, with netflix and a latte I would share with you my fave stickers ever. If you don't follow Jemma on all the social medias you are missing out. She's a babe, with super cool hair and amazing creativity. She inspires me (a not very creative person) to be more creative every day. 

Cute stickers

I got two packs of her super adorable stickers because I couldn't choose just one. How amazzzing are the mermaids in wheelchairs. Jemma actually made my life when she showed me these. I think my favourites are the wheelchair mermaids, cupcake, camera and coffee cup. If you love cute, girly, colourful stickers then go check out her etsy and buy them all. I definitely need the self care and planner sticker packs in my life next. 

You get loads in a packet (I didnt photograph all of them because lazy) and they are such good quality and so well drawn for such a good price. I'm just struggling with where to stick them now. Postage is also super quick and it arrives in the cutest envelopes ever.

Cute stickers

Cute stickers

My blog header was also done by Jemma and I've done a post on some of her other artwork that I have. If you are looking for a new header or button then I definitely recommend Jemma.

Where is your favourite place to get stickers?
I'm obsessed


My Daith Piercing

17 June 2016

I have a few piercings and I love them. My nose is hands down my favourite piercing but I also have my helix, tragus, and 3 in each lobe. I'd wanted a new one for ages and was thinking about getting my daith done when everyone and their grandmas suddenly started raving about them for migraines. I was already planning on going to get my third lot of holes in my lobes when I had a week long migraine. I decided to take the plunge and get it done anyway. I mean even if it didn't work it would still look awesome.

daith piercing for migraines
Sorry about the poor quality picture. This is the only pic I have of my daith piercing and it was just after I got it done hence the scab.

It was one of the most awkward piercings I've had. I wouldn't say it was particularly painful. Just awkward. It felt like he was trying to fit both his hands in my ear and your ear gets pulled into weird positions to get the ball on the bar.

Does it work? It didn't for me. I didn't really notice any difference to my migraines and my ear hurt as well. My friend who got hers done at the same time swears by hers though.

This piercing was the most problematic out of all mine. My skin is really slow at healing (Thanks EDS) but this one just took the piss. It never seemed to heal. It was always red and felt bruised. Then it got badly infected about 2 months in. Shout out to my dad for cleaning out the gunk for me every night because my mum was too squeamish. It was pretty gross

Then one day I was scratching my ear as you do when the ball fell off the bottom of the bar (and nearly went down my damn ear canal, yes I freaked out). My dad tried for about 30 mins to get it back in and get the ball back on, impossible. I tried to put a small nose ring in it until I could get a proper ring in it but it was just so damn sore and fiddly. I decided then that it was just not worth it. It gave me nothing but trouble and my ear has felt so much better since taking it out.

I mainly got it for looks so wasn't too bothered that it didn't work for migraines as I wasn't expecting it to anyway. So gutted that I had to take it out though because I loved the way it looked. I just couldn't be dealing with all the issues.

What piercing should I get next or should I just get a tattoo instead? 
I want a tattoo so bad

What are your daith piercing experiences?
Did it work for you?


Zuko's in Aberaeron

15 June 2016

Last Sunday we were supposed to be going to the zoo but we are all lazy shits and refused to get out of bed. Plus it was raining. We decided to go to Aberaeron instead for chips and cake. Everyone raves about Zuko's so obviously we had to check it out

I was going to try and get pictures of everybody's choices but they all attacked them too quickly. Rude.

This is seriously the best waffle I have ever had. Fresh warm waffle, chocolate sauce, chocolate ice cream, chocolate chips, raspberries and cream. I just want to eat this all over again. I am pleased to say that I demolished this like a boss. Everyone that walked past just stared and mentioned how good they looked.

My dad went for the tutti frutti which he failed to finish. Poor effort David. As my brother is super fussy they made him his own waffle with nutella, strawberries, cream and strawberry sauce. Looked pretty epic.

Accessibility wise there is a step to get in but they have seats outside. They also have another shop up on the sea front which looks more accessible from what I remember. The staff are also super lovely and very accommodating.

I will be going back to try more of the menu. They have a selection of sundaes, cookies, and pancakes. It was so hard to choose. They had also just taken the most delicious looking batch of scones out of the oven when we were there. I was soo tempted to get one to take home but I was too full to move. Seriously pushing back to the car involved a lot of groaning and rest breaks.

If you are ever in Aberaeron you need to go to Zuko's and have a waffle. Seriously do it.


Book Review// Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter

12 June 2016

I am a massive Karin Slaughter fan. I have read all her books and if you haven't and are a crime fan you need to check them out. Her series is amazing. That being said her last few books (Cop TownCriminal & Unseen) weren't my favourite and I was starting to think I was falling out of love with her. This new stand alone that my mum lent me however has completely rekindled my love and I could not put this book down. 

"Twenty years ago Claire Scott's eldest sister, Julia, went missing. It was a mystery that was never solved and it tore her family apart.

Now another girl has disappeared, with chilling echoes of the past. And Claire is convinced that Julia's disappearance is linked.

But when she begins to learn the truth about her sister, she is confronted with a shocking discovery, and nothing will ever be the same..."

It took me a little bit to get into this book and get my head around who the characters were in relation to each other. It also switches between different characters points of views.

Claire get's sucked into trying to find out what happened to her sister but the digging results in shocking revelations of things that she may not want to know. There are a few twists that I never expected and this book is filled with suspense increased by not knowing who to trust. I also love that this book keeps you hooked until the end. This definitely isn't one of the more predictable thrillers.
The crimes are pretty horrific but it doesn't feel like they are just thrown in for the shock factor like some books. You get to experience a range of emotions alongside the main characters and even shed a few tears.

I really enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it

Have you read any of Karin Slaughters books?


Lush Skincare

11 June 2016

Once upon a time my skin decided to be weird af and look scaly and gross every time I put on foundation. It was driving me crazy and getting me down. I tried so many cleansers and moisturisers and nothing seemed to be sorting it out. When I asked twitter soo many people recommended Ultrabland. I never really go in lush as I can't have baths and I forget that they do stuff other than bath bombs. Soo I took the plunge and popped into the Carmarthen store and the staff were beyond lovely and went through so many products that I could use to help my weird skin

To start with I chose Ultrabland and Angels on Bare Skin but I will definitely be going back for more. 

Lush skincare review

Lush skincare review

I cannot stress how much these products have helped my face. I noticed a difference after just a few days of use. After continuous use for over a month now my skin finally looks like my skin again. My foundation has stopped cracking and looking gross. I am so happy with the results and am now obsessed with Lush skincare.

Ultrabland is definitely my favourite and it goes everywhere with me. I made sure I packed it when we went away to cornwall in the caravan. It takes my makeup off with ease and means I no longer wake up with panda eyes. I was always super lazy and only ever used Micellar water but I am now a massive cleanser convert. My skin has never felt so clean and soft after a day of wearing makeup. It even gets my masses of eyeliner and mascara off with no issues. I just look like a raccoon temporarily. I've also used this everyday for over a month now and I've barely made a dent in it.

I was a little bit nervous when the lady suggested Angels on Bare Skin because I'm really not a fan of lavender and the smell usually gives me a headache. Buuut after feeling how soft it left my hand I decided to take the plunge and give it a whirl. You can definitely smell the lavender but it's not overpowering and doesn't give me a headache. It leaves my face feeling so soft, smooth and beautifully smelling. I love it. Only downside is I always get this stuff in my hair. Every time without fail. I don't understand how I make such a mess. I also keep finding random bits of lavender in my bathroom.

My skin now looks so good that my mum who has never used skincare in her life is thinking of picking some up.

What is your favourite Lush skincare product?
I think I need to pick up a moisturiser next


Batiste Heat & Shine Spray

6 June 2016

There is nothing better in life than having super soft and silky hair that you can swish around and run your fingers through. Soft & swishy hair makes you feel like a supermodel and everyone deserves to feel like that.

I was lucky enough to win a box of Batiste goodies in a twitter competition ages ago (I'm a terrible blogger). I'm a massive lover of their dry shampoo so was excited to try them out. This Shield my locks Heat & Shine Spray has definitely worked its way up to my favourite though.

Batiste Heat & Shine Spray review

It's a heat defence spray that protects hair up to 230°C and is specially designed to be used on dry hair so it's an aerosol instead of the wet sprays you normally get.  It is also infused with Keratin and Inca Inchi oil which helps to strengthen and care for your hair.

My favourite part of this heat protection spray though is the shine element. It claims to leave your hair with a mirror shine finish and I have to agree. My hair has never been as soft and shiny as it is when I started using this spray. It leaves my hair feeling in peak condition, moisturised and conditioned even though I have just attacked it with my straighteners. I seriously cannot stop running my hands through it once I've finished straightening it. It is soooo soft. I actually made my family feel how soft it was the first time I used it.

I also use this if my hair is looking a bit dull and I just want to add some shine and life to it. Also it smells pretty good. Very important

What is your fave batiste product?


Book Review// Mirror Image by Michele Pariza Wacek

5 June 2016

The blurb of this book intrigued me and it draws you in from the first chapter. It's a gritty psychological suspense, crime thriller. So if you love crime and suspense this may be one for you.

Mirror Image by Michele Pariza Wacek review

"Which would be worse: knowing that your dead sister has come back to life and is now a serial killer, or that someone else is the killer… and that person is you? 

Six months after Linda's sister Elizabeth killed herself, Linda has finally gotten her life back to some semblance of normalcy. Until a killer appears who is stalking men ... a killer who resembles Elizabeth ... a killer who seems somehow familiar to Linda. 

And to make matters worse, Detective Steve Anderson, her old high school crush, is assigned to the case. He's asking Linda all sorts of questions - questions she couldn't possibly have an answer to. 

There's no reason for him to be investigating Linda. She couldn't possibly have anything to do with this. 

Could she?"

This book is a strange one. I haven't read anything like it ever before. It keeps you guessing the whole way through. Seriously, I had no idea who the killer was. I doubted every single character, including the cat (pretty shady cat). I spent the whole book trying to work out if there was some sort of supernatural twist. I wont tell you if there is or not because it adds to the suspense. This did make me a tad apprehensive because I don't normally like supernatural books.

The suspense of this book kept me so intrigued I couldn't put it down. Is Elizabeth back from the dead? Did she even die? Who the hell is killing these men? Has Linda lost her mind? Has her abusive past caught up with her? Is she now a killer? So many questions.

I really enjoyed Mirror Image and I just loved the fact that I had no idea what was coming. This is coming from someone who has read so many crime books that I can usually guess the killer.

I will definitely be keeping my eye out for more from this author as it's a bit of a change from my usual but still gritty.

Mirror Image by Michele Pariza Wacek review

You can follow the rest of the tour here


* I was sent this product free of charge for the purpose of reviewing however it does not affect my views and the opinions expressed in this review are independent and my own

P.S the author also has a giveaway on at the moment

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Using Disabled People For Likes

1 June 2016

It was recently brought to my attention that there was a page on facebook using a picture of me in my wheelchair to get likes (clearly I am that damn fabulous). The caption was along the lines of "Im in a wheelchair. Can I get a share on your timeline. If you do not ashamed of me" with some random emojis thrown in. It hurt my brain to read

However, it would seem that I think way too highly of the human race. I mean, do people really think that these pages are real? Seriously I cant cope with the stupidity. How have these people survived on the internet so long? Do they send their bank details to those foreign princes who want to give them millions? Every picture was of a different girl and the spelling was hilarious. Also every other post was spam. Why are people sharing these

A lot of the comments were the usual creepy guys leaving their numbers and sexual comments because then I will definitely track them down and sleep with them.

But lets address some of the other comments

- She's faking because her legs are toned and she has no muscle wastage - First things first a lot of wheelchair users can walk a bit but it's painful and dangerous. There's a small percentage of wheelchair users that can't move their legs at all. Second of all have you ever heard of physiotherapy? You know that thing that sick people do to maintain muscle. Sorry my legs are nicer than yours.

- Fake. Her shoes have been walked in. They look dirty and worn - A* for detail. Yes my shoes are dirty. One I am terrible for using my feet as brakes if I'm trying to balance stuff on my lap. I would rather dirty my shoes up than spill my chips #Priorities. I also use my feet to keep my chair still instead of putting my brakes on because I'm lazy which drives my brother mad. Also please refer to the point above. Plus being in a wheelchair my shoes still get rained on and get dirty and I occasionally crash into walls if I'm not paying attention. They're gonna get scuffed. Annnnd they are about 5 years old.

- She's faking because her arms are too skinny - Yes my arms are pretty weedy but I'm trying to work on that. Also that photo that was stolen was taken when I had only recently got strong enough to start self propelling and I still have days where I need to be pushed by someone else sooo that would explain why I'm not the hulk. Dislocating shoulders, wrists and elbows makes building up muscle in your arms pretty difficult.

- She's faking because her legs are too tanned - Now I'm sorry but how stupid are you? Seriously disabled people still go outside. Some of us still sit in the sun and get our tan on. I had just got back from Barcelona where you guessed it, I spent the whole week outside in my wheelchair *shock horror* Who are these people that are still of the mindset that disabled people are locked away. The only thing that stops me from getting about is the lack of accessibility in the world. Also a lot of people are naturally that colour and darker. Not all disabled people are white.

- This photo is clearly taken in a hospital toilet & she's stolen a relatives wheelchair for fun - Sorry love but this photo was actually taken in a toilet (classy I know) in a sport centre in Manchester where I was supporting my brother who was playing wheelchair basketball.

- This is a fake photo. Its clearly photo-shopped. You can tell because her legs look deformed - Now if I cared what the people on the internet thought this might have upset me and my poor deformed looking legs. The picture was not photo-shopped and you were looking at my fabulous looking legs that I am very proud of.

- Annd on the other end of the spectrum God guys she's clearly disabled - look at her deformed legs - As I said, if I cared this would probably give me some insecurities about my legs. Luckily I know that my legs are hot as hell and I am damn proud of them even if they suck at actually being legs.

- She's such a pathetic attention seeker - Umm that may have been true if I had actually posted this photo myself. IT WAS POSTED WITHOUT MY CONSENT.

- You should be ashamed of yourself. My dads friends cousin is actually disabled and his life is terrible. He wouldn't be out messing about taking selfies for attention - You are not disabled. You don't know what life with a disability is like. You don't know what that person feels. Do you even really know them? That person may be very happy with their life. I know I am. Yes I struggle with depression but on the whole I'm happy and love life. Plus I love to have a laugh, take stupid photos and I am a selfie whore. I love a good selfie and if I look hot you're damn right I'm gonna post it on instagram for *gasp* attention and likes. Everyone does it. Real life disabled people still have fun and live our lifes just like you. We just have to face ableism and a lack of acceptance.

However my favourite comment out of the ones I read was in fact What brand of hand dryer is that in the background? You are my favourite person.

Luckily I am very happy with myself and have accepted that I am disabled (Not enabled like some ridiculous person commented) and I don't give two shits what strangers on the internet think. Buut if this happens to someone who is not happy with themselves and has massive insecurities about their body and their disability this could be massively damaging to their health and their self esteem.

Just think how you would feel if you read comments mocking the way you looked, calling you a fraud and a terrible human being. Just because someone doesn't fit into that narrow minded view you have of what a disabled person looks like doesn't mean they are faking. I don't want to shock you or anything but a lot of disabled people look healthy. Did you know that some of them even walk. I know it's a lot to get your head around but bear that in mind next time you judge someone on how they look.

Massive thank you to everyone who reported the page until it got taken down. Unfortunately there are loads more of exactly the same page out there