Read in February 2018

16 March 2018

So once again this post is late. I also didn't have a very productive reading month with only 2 books. The second book nearly didn't make it either as I finished it on the last day of Feb. March is already shaping up to be a productive reading month though so fingers crossed I actually hit my reading challenge this year.

 Final Girls by Riley Sager

Favourite Dairy Free Alternatives

23 February 2018

Some of you may know that I can't eat dairy. It makes my face break out so that I resemble the pizza I inhaled and it gives me stomach pains from hell. I am also trying to cut down on animal products. I've gradually been trying all the dairy free products the supermarkets have to offer so I thought I would share my favourites with you. The pictures are limited because I desperately need to do a food shop so I don't actually have much food in.

Favourite Dairy Free Alternatives

January 2018 Favourites

12 February 2018

Okay so January was a complete blogging fail. To be fair I didn't really do much at all apart from be ill and overdo it playing basketball. Here's hoping February is the month I can get my shit together. I mean this is my second post of the month and I actually scheduled it so fingers crossed it lasts. As I haven't been up to much this month, my favourites are very limited. It's basically skincare and lip products but who doesn't love a good face mask?

January 2018 Favourites

Read in January 2018

9 February 2018

I am trying to read more this year. I had a target of 30 books last year and I fell short at 26. I am determined to smash it this year. I've gotten off to a good start with 4 books under my belt already, even with most of January being spent with a headache that made concentrating difficult (hence the lack of posts). So here's what I've been reading.

Ragdoll by Daniel Cole review

Read in December 2017

30 January 2018

This may be the latest post I have ever done. It's been sat half written in my drafts since the end of December. Every time I go to finish it I convince myself that I am shit at book reviews and give up. I'm really struggling with blog motivation at the moment but I am determined to beat it and get some posts written. So here is what I read in December. It's extremely late and I may not be very good at book reviews but it may give you some ideas of what to add to your TBR pile. 

Read in December 2017

Bravura London Skincare

18 January 2018

If you have read any of my posts before you will have seen me moaning about my dry skin...a lot. It's a massive problem and makes wearing makeup impossible. I was also struggling with massive breakouts. I cut out dairy and that definitely helped but I also decided to treat myself to some new skincare. Sarah said that Bravura London skincare had massively helped her skin so I picked up a whole routine in the Black Friday Sale. I love that there is a page for your skin type with a routine that will suit your problems. I went on the Dry, Problem Skin page and basically bought everything.

Bravura London Skincare

2017 Beauty Faves

12 January 2018

Starting the year as I mean to go on...late with my favourites. I thought I'd write up my 2017 beauty favourites to share with you, you can also check out what I loved in 2016 here. It was meant to go up last week but unfortunately 2018 has just consisted of a massive headache so far. I am on day 12 of a damn cluster headache that I can't seem to shake. I have finally managed to get this post finished though so after a bit of a delay here are the beauty products that stood out in 2017