The Downside to Wheelchairs

27 July 2016

I love my wheelchair. Wilma is the love of my life and she makes my life so much easier. We do pretty much everything together and I don't know what I'd do without her. I've travelled, I got a degree, I get to go on days out. I couldn't have done any of this without my wheelchair. I have gained so much freedom by getting wheels. However, there are some downsides and I thought I'd share them with you today.

(Mermaid Sticker from Dorkface)

1. Butts - Depending which way you look at it this could be a plus but you are constantly at ass height. Getting lost in a sea of butts is very disorientating. I feel like I need a flag on my head so my family can find me.  

2. Cigarettes/handbags - Have to constantly keep an eye out for smokers not paying attention or scary ladies with huge bags. Definitely don't want one of these to the face. I don't know what some women carry around but I'm pretty sure it's bricks.

3. Bad surfaces & kerbs - You will be catapulted out of your chair at least once. I've lost count. Pot holes, kerbs, drains, the list is endless of surfaces that want to see you fall. Hit one at any sort of speed and you're a goner. Pavements also always seem to slope one way meaning you get one super tired arm.

4. Doors - You'll probably get stuck in a door. There are some ridiculously heavy doors out there. Also people may think they're helping & yank the door open for you which would be great were you not holding on to it at the time. Goodbye shoulder. You will also probably run over the toes of some lovely person who is trying to be helpful but makes it harder by standing in the doorway.  Narrow doors will also crush your fingers and you kinda need those to push. Rock those knuckle grazes

5. Public Transport - I have met some adorable & lovely bus drivers who have been nothing but helpful (Shout out to the guy in oxford who changed the bus route so I wouldn't have to push up a big hill) but I have also met those who I assume pop children's balloons and rip heads off of dolls. They hate getting the ramps down. They ignore you when you ask to get off at a stop and they make travelling very stressful. Also people hate giving up their seats so you can go in the designated spots. You may also be classed as the devil by women with pushchairs, however you will also meet some of the kindest people who will do anything possible to help, like scream at the bus driver for you (Thanks to those guys in London who made it possible for me to get off at my stop)

6. Shops - Why do shops have to have such narrow aisles? I've been in a few shops where the assistants have apologised & just followed me around moving racks & picking up stuff I knock off and they were really lovely about it but it can make shopping difficult. I also cause traffic jams if I'm browsing. Also I'd just like to ask why checkouts are so damn high. I can barely reach some of them stood up. 

7. Squeaky chairs - My chair always used to creak and makes horrific noises in the silent parts of lectures. I also had a cushion that sounded like a fart every time you moved so that was fun.

8. The jokes - There is only so many times I can hear "do you have a drivers licence for that?" and "Don't drink and drive" before I want to injure someone. If you must at least come up with something original. Please no more speed jokes. I cant take it

9. Old people - Some old people hate you. Apparently we have not earned the right to wheels by getting to an old enough age (someone actually said that to me). Clearly some are jealous because we look cooler and then there are the ones who think we are obviously faking because we are the crappy youth of today. However, I have become besties with some of the coolest old people ever (Shoutout to my bae Dorothy). Bonding over awesome walking sticks and bad wheelchair pushers. 

10. Rain - Unless you want to wear a beautiful poncho, waterproof sleeping bag or bin bag dress (I have done this) the rain is horrific. If you have an umbrella it runs onto your legs. Trying to push is difficult, stopping is even harder. Your hands get cold. The rain pools under your butt if its heavy and nobody likes a soggy bottom.

11. Sweaty Ass - The slightest increase in temperature and all you will hear is me and my brother bitching about our sweaty asses. Also sweaty backs. It is impossible to sit in a wheelchair in the heat and not get sweaty backs/butts. You get such awesome looks though if you announce it loudly like a lady.

12. Tiny Disabled toilets with mirrors that are too high. How am I supposed to touch up my lippy? Disabled people still want to look fabulous. One of the disabled toilets in my local hospital isn't big enough to get your chair in and shut the door. Genius

13. Look Naked - Whenever I wear shorts I always look naked from the waist down. My tops are always longer. I totally rock it. I promise I am wearing shorts though

Obviously the positives by far outweigh the negatives. Without my chair I wouldn't be able to do much at all and the negatives are hardly the end of the world. Although a soggy butt and a crushed hand can push me over the edge sometimes. And that time that I got mud on my new top from my wheels made me sulk for about a week.

What are the downsides for you?


Disney Prints

25 July 2016

I was doing so well with my scheduling and then the nice weather came along and distracted me and then my body went down hill again and ruined it all. Just rude really. I had my tilt table test today so feel like crap and was told there was no significant change so still no answers which has put me in a bit of a grump. This means today you get a short but sweet post on the most stunning prints I have ever seen. 

Disney Prints

I saw these prints on someones instagram and immediately had to find out where they were from. Now that I have a desk area in my room (still currently blogging in bed rn shhh) I want to put cute prints up around it to inspire me and look pretty. Plus I managed to knock a max welt all down my wall today (don't ask) so I need to cover the cherry stain. These disney prints fit the bill perfectly.

I am a huuuge disney fan. I mean I nearly own every DVD. I am currently resting on my Sven cushion and joined by my Stitch stuffed toy. You just can't beat Disney.

Anyway, how gorgeous are these Belle & Jasmine prints by Rachel? I am so in love with them and can't wait to get them up on my wall. They're such good value for money and postage was super fast. I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for more.

You can check out her Etsy as well as instagram and twitter

Where is your fave place to get prints?
Who is your favourite disney character?


Disabled People do Smile

20 July 2016

You would not believe the number of comments I have had in the past few weeks regarding me being disabled and smiling. How are they linked you ask? They're not. Pretty simple.

"So sorry that you have to use a wheelchair, but you look so happy and smiley"
"I would never have guessed that you were disabled, you're so happy"
"You don't look like a disabled person, you have such a gorgeous smile"
"I didn't realise you were ill because you smile"

These are seriously a few of the things I have had said to me over the last month and similar have been said to my mum about me.
Just a picture of two disabled siblings pissing about in Ikea having a laugh. It may be a shock to you but it does happen. And yes we are both real disabled people and you can view this post if you have questions about my legs, shoes etc

As a disabled person I use a wheelchair, I go about my day to day life in said wheelchair. I am still a human being. There are days when I have my resting bitch face on and look like I will murder anyone who looks my way. Buut there are also days when I piss about and have a laugh with my family. Where I laugh at everything and get the giggles at something stupid. I'm always winding Ollie up & laughing at his reaction. I do suffer from depression but I would say I am a generally happy person who is usually laughing at something ridiculous or cracking a dirty joke.

I really cannot get my head around this whole I don't think of you as disabled because you smile mentality. Are disabled people supposed to just sit around crying over how shit our bodies are? I mean the world doesn't make it easy but we still like to get out and enjoy life.

If you want to compliment my smile go for it but don't then cancel it out by ignoring my disability. Being disabled isn't a bad thing, it just is what I am. It is not a compliment telling me I don't look disabled. You just look ignorant, especially when you back up this claim with the fact I smile. Being disabled is not an insult.

Disabled people are human beings. We smile, we laugh, we cry, we take selfies. We just seem to do it with a lot more judgement.

So please bear this in mind next time you want to tell someone you don't think of them as disabled because they laugh and joke.


Lancome Grandiose Eyeliner

18 July 2016

I popped into my local boots the other week for a browse when I got chatting to the lovely lady on the Lancome counter. We were talking about my crappy skin and my need for a new moisturiser so she gave me a few samples and then asked if I wanted to go to the release of the new Grandiose liner and mascara the following week. Obviously I said yes and put my name down. 

lancome grandiose eyeliner

lancome grandiose eyeliner

How gorgeous is the packaging of this eyeliner. I seriously bought this just because of how pretty it is. I didn't even know how good it was when I handed over my pennies. It was 100% worth it though and I am so glad I impulse bought it.

There is another reason I impulse bought this. It's a bit of a gimmick. It has a bendable handle. It feels wrong and like you're breaking it but you can snap the handle to the right or left depending on which eye you're doing etc. Pretty damn clever. Also it's different.

"The ergonomic technique allows symmetric access to both eyes and an extremely close access at the root of the lashes, for a high precision line
Why bend it?
GrandiƓse Liner is bendable for a better control. It gives:
• Easy access to the lash line from inner corner to outer wing for an effortless application.
• Close access at the root of the lashes, thanks to the angle, for a highly precise application
• Symmetric access to both eyes for even flicks" - Lancome

lancome grandiose eyeliner

I'm still getting to grips using the bent handle and I tend to just stick to what I know and use it straight but this is such a good eyeliner. It's like a felt tip but not and it's just so magical. The nib is so perfect and you can get such a sharp wing. The only thing I struggle with is getting a smooth line over the eye. I just need to work on which angle to hold the nib at though. This is such a perfect liner for beginners. It is soo easy to control. I do find that you need to dip the liner back in the pot for more product more than I usually would but I just can't get over how nicely it applies. It applies opaquely with one swipe and I just love it.

Onto one of the most important points. Staying power. This baby does not budge. It has some serious staying power. I even got my head stuck in my hoodie (don't ask I have no idea how) and I was expecting to have smudged my freshly done liner. Nope, still perfect. It dries matte so quickly which is great for me who always does her makeup last minute and is super clumsy (see hoodie incident). It lasts all day as well with no transferring to my upper lid which I sometimes get with my previous fave Rimmel exaggerate and it also survived the 2 hour wheelchair basketball training test. Not a single smudge and no fading. Winner.
lancome grandiose eyeliner
This is a lot pricier than I would normally pay for an eyeliner. £28 compared to my usual £6 but I think I'm in love. It's the full package. Gorgeous packaging, amazing application and such a great formula.

Have you tried it yet?


Dose of Colours matte liquid lipsticks

15 July 2016

This purchase is 100% entirely Sarah's fault. She text me to talk her out of buying several lipsticks which massively backfired because I obvs told her to do it. I then went onto the site to look at the colours she was buying and accidentally ended up ordering 2 of my own. So I hold Sarah entirely responsible. Total enabler. 

Dose of Colours matte liquid lipsticks

Every since I saw Sarah's post on her first Dose of Colours order I knew I needed them in my life. The colour selection is gorgeous and I'm a lil bit in love with the packaging. I love the frosted glass look as mentioned in my Beauty Bakerie review. It just looks so much nicer than clear tubes. The doe foot applicators are also perfect and this lipstick applies so nicely.

Dose of Colours matte liquid lipsticks

I picked up Kiss of Fire and Berry Me 2. Kiss of Fire is described as a fiery red and I have recently fallen back in love with reds. I moved to pinks for ages but I am now obsessed with red again. This one is soo bright its a match made in heaven. It is hands down my favourite bright lip at the moment. I can't get enough. It applies opaque in one coat and lasts soo well. I wore it out for my brothers birthday the other night (outfit post here) and I had to touch it up after eating a massive burger but even then it was only the middle that had worn away. I also didn't get that annoying transfer on my chin you usually get after eating a burger.

Berry me 2 is described as a universally flattering plum shade with a hint of magenta and it is stunning. Ever since Sarah gave me Stila Como I have kinda fallen in love with purples after never being brave enough to wear them. This is different to any shade I own and I love it. It does apply a bit patchy as it's a darker colour but with a second coat to touch up any lighter areas it's good to go. However it does stain your lips so if that's something you don't like I would avoid this shade.

dose of colour matte lipstick swatches

Beauty Bay do stock a very limited selection of colours but they go out of stock quite quickly. I was too impatient to wait for that so I ordered direct from the DOC website. I can't remember how much shipping was but I did get a £12 customs charge as well. Delivery was pretty quick considering it was from the US. It would have been quicker if I'd had cash on me to pay my customs instead of having to wait 2 day to go to the post office. Torture.

If you haven't tried Dose of Colours I highly recommend you do. I need so many more of them now.


Not So Serious Winged Liner Tutorial

13 July 2016

If you've seen any of my many many selfies that I post on Instagram and snapchat or if you know me in real life you will know that if I'm wearing makeup there is a 99.9% chance I will be rocking winged liner. I cant help it. Even if I plan on doing a more natural look my hands just automatically wing it out. I just love a good wing.

I am 90% sure my eyeliner is wonky in this picture 

 Kelly from The Vegan Taff is always asking me how I do my eyeliner. After giving them my super helpful advice the girls told me I should do a post. I hope you're ready for this.

Spoiler I am shockingly bad at giving advice and being remotely helpful. I just don't know how to explain things and words are difficult. Sooo this is more of a comedy tutorial because I have no idea what I'm doing. I literally just wing my life

1. Put on some tunes. Music is essential.

2. Psyche yourself up. You've totally got this. Give yourself a pep talk

3. Don't panic. Liquid eyeliner can smell your fear

3. Do your first eye


5. Stop for a dance party and to belt out the chorus. No multi tasking here. That is far too complicated

6. Deep breath

7. Do the other eye

8. Get it wonky

9. Swear

10. Wipe off and repeat steps 6-9 several times

11. Get a slightly less wonky wing.

12. Make each wing bigger to make them match

13. Admit defeat, matching wings was so last year anyway and they'll be above your eyebrows soon

14. Use your hair to cover the less impressive wing

15. Add a bold lip to distract from the uneven wings

16. Rock it

Seriously my advice to you is practice. I sucked so bad at wings when I first started. It always took several attempts and never matched. Now I tend to be able to do it first time the majority of the time and as you can see from the photo I'm getting lazier at making them match. There are still days where it just doesn't work. I used to practice at night before I was taking my makeup off anyway. Helped by the fact that I can never sleep. Practice makes perfect. Also my fave eyeliner is the Rimmel exaggerate liquid liner. It's cheap, easy to make a precise line and it lasts on my face.

Sorry for not being of any use to you


July 2016 You Beauty Box

12 July 2016

I unsubscribed from the You Beauty Box a while ago because I wasn't really feeling their choices. It was a lot of skincare and I never really used it. I happened to check what was this months box and decided to treat myself again. I do love getting a box of goodies every month and this box is such a good price plus I'm more into skincare now. I just find these boxes such good value for money.

They've recently updated their choices so you have a choice of 3 prices. You can get 2 products for £6.95, 3 products for £8.95 and 4 for £10.95. So there's a choice for every budget. I decided to splash out a bit more and go for the 3 product deal.

July 2016 you beauty box

So here's what I got in my box

Rodial Stemcell Super-food Glam Balm Multi (25ml)

I chose this because it's a super nourishing balm that can be used on everything. As you know my skin is super dry at the mo and I have some really dry patches. I also struggle with dry elbows and the skin around my knuckles tends to crack in winter so I thought I'd be prepared. I haven't fully tried this yet but it has quite a strong scent so I'm a bit nervous. Great for chucking in my bag though.

Illamasqua Precision Ink liner in Abyss (Full Size)

This was the first product I picked. As you may know I am obsessed with liquid liner. I am very rarely without a winged liner. I tried this as soon as it arrived and I'm so pleased - full review to come soon. This product on it's own is worth £20.50 so I already got more than my moneys worth and I now have another liquid liner in my collection. You can never have too many.

White Rabbit Lime & Coconut Cleansing Water (30ml)

I had never heard of this brand before but it's a vegan skincare brand with some amazing sounding products. I'm excited to try this cleansing water and it's the perfect size for travelling which I do way too much of. I also received a £10 voucher with no minimum spend. How awesome is that? So I ordered a toner. They also have certain products that donate money to a M.E charity.

As an extra everyone receives a 50ml St Tropez In shower gradual tan and a £2 off voucher for St Tropez shower lotion in Boots. I'm not really into fake tanning so I'll probably give this to a friend.

July you beauty box

All in all I'm really happy with my box and I'm excited to try everything out. I also can't wait to see what will be in next months choices.

Do you get a You Beauty Box?