Beanies Flavoured Coffee

28 September 2016

I never used to really drink hot drinks let alone coffee. Then uni and exhausted student life happened and I fell in love. Now I can't start my morning without a nice hot cup of coffee. I know it's bad but it's just sooo good. It's like a warm hug on the inside. I suck at mornings, they're painful and gross so just let me have my hot cup of goodness in peace. Seriously don't try talking to me before. I will probably bite your head off (sorry dad). 

Beanies coffee

I'm a massive fan of flavoured coffees. Love a good vanilla latte or three. I'm trying to cut down on the sugary joys of Costa though soo I needed my fix elsewhere. I've been searching for these in every supermarket but they only ever have the Irish cream one. I finally admitted defeat and took to the internets instead. Then came the tough decision of which flavours.

Beanies Flavoured Coffee

I absolutely adore my coffee machine. It is the love of my life, so I knew I needed to get some ground coffee. I want them all but decided on Chocolate Hazelnut Cappuccino. The hazelnut in this isn't as strong as the instant coffee but it is soo delicious. I'm currently enjoying a large mug and I never want it to end. It's smooth, nutty and sweet and everything I want from a cup of coffee and more. Now I want to buy all the other flavours. I definitely have my eye on the white chocolate, chocolate raspberry and vanilla ones.

Beanies instant Coffee

Picking which instant coffee flavours to get was also sooo hard. They all sound so delicious. I settled for 4 jars but I'm also tempted by the gingerbread and cookie dough ones.

Nutty Hazelnut - Oh my god this is sooo good. It smells incredible and I kinda wanna eat it out the jar. Probably would be grim though. I think this is my favourite out of the bunch and I'll probably have to buy more soon. You can definitely taste the hazelnut and it's delicious.

Double Chocolate - This one was a bit of a let down. It's nice but I wouldn't say it's very chocolatey. I need more chocolate with my coffee. I like it though.

Amaretto Almond - Really not a fan of this one. It smells too sweet & strong which made me feel a bit ill before I even took a sip. The flavour is just too much. Tastes like disaronno hangovers.

Coconut Delight - I am obsessed with coconut so when I saw this I did a lil squeal & added it to my basket. It didn't let me down. It's the perfect coconut to coffee ratio. It's great for after food when you want something sweet. Definitely a close second to the hazelnut.

So if you are a fan of coffee and need more flavours in your life I definitely recommend beanies. They're an affordable way of having fancy coffee and postage is super quick.


Erno Laszlo Firmarine Hydrogel Mask

26 September 2016

Is there anything better than curling up in front of the TV with a face mask and a cuppa? I got this Erno Laszlo mask in my September You Beauty Box and I was dying to try it. My face is always in need of some moisture so I whacked it on grabbed a cuppa and stuck Lie to me on (I've finished it and now don't know what to do with my life. What can I watch?)

Erno Laszlo Firmarine Hydrogel Mask

"Boosts sagging and dehydrated skin. Super lightweight with a gel-like texture, it moulds to your face and penetrates deep into the epidermis to nourish and moisturise whilst enhancing natural contours.

Argan Oil neutralizes free radical damage and restores skin lipids for moisturized protection. 

Algae Extract prevents water loss and removes toxins. 

Grapefruit Extract fills out fine lines, contours and plumps skin with its sky-high water content."

As my face always seems in need of some extra moisture I was excited to give this a go. It's a bit of a faff to get out of the packet as it's slimy and I may have dropped it in the sink twice because of my special hands but shh. Once it's on and you have your eye holes in the right place and have made sure it's not covering your nose so you can breath, you look like a serial killer buut it doesn't slide about so you can enjoy your tv and tea in peace. It's the cleanest mask I've ever done. I swear I find clay masks on door handles and my sink for weeks after. After 15-20 mins just take it off, pat any remaining serum into the skin and ta-da. Moisturised, glowy skin.

It felt so good when I had this on as it was nice & cool. Plus it's squishy and I couldn't resist squishing it a few times. It would be perfect at the end of a hot day out. After taking this off and patting the excess into my skin my face did feel a bit sticky. I wasn't a massive fan of the feeling but once it had all sunk in my face definitely felt softer and less dry.

They are £14 for one mask (you can buy here) which is a tad pricey for me and I'm not sure I would spend that on it as I have cheaper masks that I love. That being said it definitely added some much needed moisture and made my skin feel nice and soft once the stickiness had subsided.


Things I miss after moving out

23 September 2016

I moved out into my own bungalow 6 months ago. I can't believe how fast time has gone. I love my little house more and more very day especially now that I have furniture other than a garden chair. That was an uncomfortable experience. However, I thought I'd do a quick post on some of the things I miss about living at home

- Someone to make the tea. It sucks having to make your own tea instead of using the "muuum, you know I love you". Also kettles are dangerous

- If I had to get up early my dad would bring me coffee because he knows I suck at mornings. My coffee machine may make it but doesn't bring it to me.

- No one to kill the spiders. I couldn't get into my bathroom the other night because it was being held hostage by two. I killed one but the other one has gone into hiding to plot it's revenge.

- My bins always get full when no one's here so I have to balance rubbish on top until my parents rescue me.

- I have to actually remember bin day and what colour bins it is. Why is rubbish so complicated?

- I actually ran out of mugs the other day because I was too exhausted to do the washing up & I'd been over to my parents for food so they hadn't been at mine. It's okay though, I've bought more.

- I really struggle to make up a full load of washing when I need a specific item of clothing cleaned.

- I can't blame the mess on anyone else. Windowsill full of used mugs. Wasn't me. Must have been that pesky ghost again.

- I'm in charge of keeping the fridge stocked. Hence why today the only thing in my fridge is a box of squishy old tomatoes, 2 possibly out of date yogurts and a carton of coconut milk.

- My dog. I miss having cwtches on the sofa when I feel like crap

- Bills. I could buy so much makeup with that money. Is there any need for a TV license? I'd rather watch adverts.

- I can't shower at weird times because I'm not allowed to shower when I'm on my own in case I fall & die

- There's no one to tell me to stop watching gilmore girls and go to bed. The first few weeks on my own my sleep schedule went to complete shit.

- Having my mum available for a hug whenever I needed one. Although she's still only a phone call and 20mins away

Most of the downsides to living on my own basically involves my body being too crappy to do stuff or me being too lazy to make my own tea. Apart from that it is pretty damn epic. Plus I have so many cupboards to store all my crap. It's magical


Models Own Polish for Tans

21 September 2016

I am looking forward to autumn and getting to dress all cosy, plus beanies save so much time in the mornings. What's a hair brush? Baggy jumpers and leggings are life and I'm excited to be cosy without over heating. However, I am holding onto that summer feeling for as long as possible. If you saw my August faves you will have seen this gorgeously bright nail polish. The Models Own Polish for Tans range is just perfect for showing off your holiday or in my case back patio tan. 

Models Own Polish for Tans
I'm usually not Models Own biggest fan. I absolutely adore the colour range. They have such a wide range of colours and styles but their formula isn't my favourite. I dunno, I just find they chip quite quickly and you can get much better formulas for a cheaper price (Barry M).

However, I just love this colour (Shades). I used my Rimmel 5 in 1 Base & top coat and it lasted pretty well. I mainly love it though for it's brightness. It's opaque in two coats and it's brighter than in the pictures. It makes any hint of a tan look better and I just feel like I'm on holiday. It's perfect for the beach.

I currently have it on my toes (where it lasts much better) and my legs look amazingly brown. It makes my hydrotherapy sessions much more fabulous. I honestly love it so much. I'm tempted to pick up some of the other colours in the range just to keep my tan looking good for Autumn.

I'm gonna give the Models Own polishes I own another go and test them with different top coats. I adore the colours so I hope I can get them to work. Let me know if you have any top coat suggestions.


Ombar Chocolate

19 September 2016

 I came across Ombar chocolate on twitter the other day and I somehow magically ended up on their website. I had a browse of how they make their chocolate etc and then got sucked into their flavours. Every chocolate bar sounded more delicious than the last. I am trying to eat healthier because my stomach is just an angry lil guy. Dairy seems to make it the angriest so I had to say goodbye to chocolate. The intense nausea just wasn't worth it.

I was so excited by these vegan, dairy free chocolates that I had to make an order. They're a bit pricier than your run of the mill chocolate but they're worth it for a delicious treat and better for you. I chose 3 different flavours of the bars and a bag of chocolate buttons because chocolate buttons are the bomb. Postage was sooo quick. I ordered them at 11:30pm Thursday and they arrived Saturday.

Ombar Chocolate

"These totally dreamy and creamy buttons are dairy and refined-sugar free. Made to the same recipe as our Coco Mylk bar and contain probiotics to help keep your tummy happy & healthy." 

Dairy Milk chocolate buttons are my fave and I can inhale a bag of the giant ones easily (and then feel like Im gonna die). I thought I'd give these a go. They're not quite dairy milk but they're still damn good. They hit the chocolate craving spot with their creamy chocolatey goodness. I'm converted. 

Ombar Chocolate

Coconut & Vanilla
"The mouth-watering coconut and vanilla centre is encased with our Coconut 60% chocolate to provide a creamy taste sensation!"

This lil bar of heaven is beyond creamy. The coconut and vanilla work perfectly together. It just melts in the mouth and I never want it to end. This is pretty damn close to the raspberry one in the fight for the top spot.

Strawberry Mylk
"Enchanting raw chocolate infused with nourishing strawberries and luscious coconut cream"

The strawberry in this one is really delicate. You only get a bit of a hint of it at the end. It is however still delicious and perfect for those who don't want full on flavour or anything too creamy.

Raspberry & Coconut
"A decadently creamy chocolate indulgence. The zingy raspberry and coconut centre contrasts beautifully with the Coconut"

Oh my god this is soo good. It's creamy and gorgeous but with a bit of zing to it from the raspberry. It's such a perfect blend of fruity and creamy goodness. I cannot get enough of it. I need a bar the size of my head. This is definitely my favourite out of the 3 and I want to order about 10.

Ombar Chocolate

I am definitely converted to these chocolates and they make up for the lack of Dairy Milk in my life. I'll probably be making another order soon.

Let me know if you recommend any other dairy free or vegan chocolates


Room Tour

16 September 2016

I've been in my lil house for over 6 months now and I love it. My bedroom is by far my fave room. Probably because I spend so much time in it and my bed is soo comfy. The main thing I was excited about when I got my own place was being able to have a double bed and starfishing all night. I bought so much cute bedding from Primark when I moved. It's an addiction I can't seem to stop. Cute bedding is my weakness. Also cushions

Bed - I got this second hand from a facebook buy and sell site. It was a bargain and honestly so comfy. It was a bit of a drama picking it up though. My dad was supposed to be taking the trailer the day before he flew to Africa but he fell and injured his eye because he's beyond clumsy. My mum & her 2 disabled children had to attempt to pick it up and it was just hilarious.

Mirror - Dressing Table - Turquoise Boxes - Grey Boxes - Draw Inserts

Anything in my house that isn't second hand is from Ikea. I lost count of how many trips I did to Ikea when I moved. As soon as I had more money it was back to Ikea to pick up another piece of furniture.

I absolutely adore my dressing table. It's feels so nice to not have to do my makeup sat in bed. It also saves my sheets. The amount of times I spilled foundation or eyeliner was ridiculous. This dressing table is actually a shelving unit but it works perfectly. I can't decide whether to get another draw insert as they are so handy but the boxes work great as well.

Sven Cushion - Stitch

Because I am an actual child. My mum got me and my brother Sven cushions when we went away because we didn't have pillows for the car. I take Sven with me whenever we travel now. He's so comfy but his hair tickles. Stitch was a present from a uni friend and I love him.

Desk - Chair - Lamp

I didn't think I had enough space in my room for a desk so I was just blogging in bed. Buuut I kept dislocating joints by sitting in weird positions and constantly gave myself pin & needles so I needed somewhere to sit properly. My dad was going to custom build me one when we found this one (in Ikea obvs). It could not be more perfect. It fits perfectly in the gap I had and is exactly what I wanted. The chair isn't the comfiest but it was only a tenner sooo.

The lamp was recommended by Georgina on twitter for spoonies so I decided to treat myself. It's soo good. Has loads of settings and really helps with blog photos.

Also lets just ignore the red stain on the wall and carpet. Never knock over a melted cherry wax melt because it will make a mess.

Nail Varnish shelf - Made by my dad - My dad is such a handy guy to have around. It annoys me how expensive shelves are so I just explain what I want to my dad and he makes one for me after about 3 months of nagging. I  need an extension on this soon but it's perfect.

Full Size Mirror

I absolutely adore this mirror. I had a much smaller one and I could never see my outfit properly. This is just perfect and luckily it just fit in the gap next to my window. Fate. So good for outfit selfies

Ignore my tiny telly. It's so ridiculously small I swear I need glasses to watch it haha.


So let me just admit that I chose this because when I first saw the name I read it wrong and though it was called Dumbass. It was also the cheapest one I could find that was big enough for all my crap. It's actually exactly what I was looking for and the name made it even better. It's a good job I have such a big car. Also no one mention the back of it to my dad. He put it together wrong and now there's holes in it where he had to take it apart. He swore a lot, I laughed. Such a good father daughter bonding moment.

Box Shelves - Made by yours truly (well by my dad but I supervised and held bits of wood steady). These were the first shelves we came up with and made. I love them. They are so cheap and easy to make. We're going to make another one for my living room soon. I keep trying to get him to sell them.

So that's my room. Ignore my ugly carpet, it came with the house. I'm trying to save up to get new ones so these have to do for now.


Little Mermaid Prints

14 September 2016

If you know me you know I'm a huge Disney fan. Disney is always my go to when I need a film to watch and I always drag my family to watch their newest additions. The lovely Rachel from Foxes in the Forest kindly sent me these gorgeous prints to review and made my day. I was sent the Ariel and Ursula prints* and how damn cute are they? The wall above my desk is pretty much just Dinsey and Dorkface prints and it looks so good. 

little mermaid prints

I also have the Belle and Jasmine prints which I did a post on here. The quality is really good and the colours are so vibrant and eye catching. They look so good on my wall. Postage is also really fast which is great if you're impatient like me. I am in love with the Ursula print. I'm a huge fan of the villains. I'm looking for a Maleficent print because she's just so badass.  

If you're looking for a gift for the disney lover in your life then I would definitely recommend these. Or y'know just treat yourself. You know you want to. I can see myself collecting all of Rachels prints. I just can't resist them.

Rachel is so lovely and you can follow her on instagram and twitter to keep up with any new prints

You can also get 2 Prints for £5 with the code 2PRINTS. 


* I was kindly sent this product free of price for the purpose of review, however it does not affect my views and the opinions expressed in this review are independent and my own