Not So Serious Goals For 2016

17 January 2016

I'm not very good at making plans mainly because my health is so unpredictable. All these goal posts have also been scaring me a lil bit. As a now unemployed disabled graduate looking to the future is a tad scary. Making goals that I might fail at also puts far too much pressure on me. Aint nobody got time for that. I live life by taking one day at a time so I thought I'd compile a list of some not so serious goals. This kind of follows on from the Not So Serious Things I Learnt in 2015.

Why is finding a picture to go with a lifestyle post so difficult? So you can just have me as a Princess. You're welcome.

1. Get a tattoo - This is the year I finally get one. I've wanted one for so long and I'm going to find time to take the plunge and do it,

2. Drink more tea - I feel like I've been slacking on the tea drinking recently. This needs to change. There are so many teas out there I haven't tried yet. This is not on

3. Buy more lipstick - I do not have enough lipsticks in my life. If my parents tell you I do they're lying. What do they know anyway? So many colours so little time.

4. Watch more of my Netflix watch-list - I have so many shows to watch. I can never choose what to watch first. Life is full of such difficult decisions

5. Wake up earlier - I am the worlds worst morning person. I seriously suck at it and if you wake me up and don't bring coffee you may lose your head. However I also hate wasting the day sleeping. Annd if I woke up earlier I could work on my netflix watchlist (and also do other more productive things)

6. Wear something other than pyjamas - If I'm at home there is a 99% chance I am in pyjamas. If I've had to pop to the shops there is also a very high chance I am in pyjamas. They're just so damn comfy. But I have a wardrobe full of clothes I never wear. I should probably change that or I could sell them and buy more pyjamas.

7. Get better at painting my nails - Seriously it looks like a 5 year old has painted them. In fact a 5 year old could probably do a better job. Maybe I should find a child to paint my nails for me instead

8. Find where my socks disappear to - I always buy socks and yet I have one pair of bambi socks. Then I have to steal socks from my brother whilst bambi is being washed. This is a dilemma because he is very protective of his socks. Plus he also has size 10 feet so his socks are a tad big for my size 6. WHERE DO ALL MY SOCKS GO?

9. Try more ice cream flavours - Soo many flavours that need to be tried.

10. Learn how to adult better - I suck so bad at adulting. I'm 22 and my mum has to do important paperwork and phone calls for me. I mean I have to be reminded to eat.

11. Buy more matching underwear - I own one pair of matching underwear and the bra doesnt even fit properly. This needs to be rectified ASAP.

What are your not so serious goals for 2016?


15 Things I Learnt in 2015

9 January 2016

I have been truly terrible at blogging recently. I swear I only seem to post once a month. I will do better, I promise. I'm trying to get super organised now but I have a massive flare kicking my ass so we'll see if that goes to plan. I really want this year to be the year that I take my blog more seriously and interact more with other amazing bloggers.

I thought today I'd do a not so serious post of some of the things 2015 taught me including how beyond gorgeous sunsets are.

15 things I learnt in 2015

1. Reaching for the stars is very dangerous and will result in injury. Damn S Club 7 and their catchy tune. Dislocated shoulder anyone?

2. Pink hair makes people react in weird ways. There's staring, squealing from children, evils from serious people, and best of all, the massive smiles. Children think you are magical what's not to like?

3. Turkey dinosaurs cook better in a hot oven. Who knew? But I didn't die so it's all good.

4. Life without Netflix is not a life worth living. May be a tad dramatic but seriously what did I do before netflix. How did I cope with my insomnia and bed bound days. Netflix is life.  

5. Hoodies and leggings are pretty much the only clothes you need for winter complimented of course by a pair of super fluffy socks. I honestly cant remember the last time I wore anything else.

6. There is no point even looking for a pair of trousers that you don't have to turn up when you are only 5ft 3. Just accept defeat and move on. At least you can pull your trousers over your feet for extra warmth in winter.

7. Blanket scarves and capes are hands down the best thing ever invented. A blanket you can take with you. Genius. I am never leaving the house without one again.

8. Drinks taste better from cute cups. Fact.

9. Dry shampoo is an actual life saviour and you should never be without a can. Washing your hair every day is so last year (not that I ever did that because effort).

10. Going out is expensive & overrated. Cosy nights in are definitely the way forward and you don't even have to get dressed. Hangovers also get way worse the older you get but getting to pet some random guys extremely fluffy huskies makes it slightly better. You sir are a true gentleman, thanks for taking pity on us.

11. I will never have enough DVD storage. Or enough DVDs.

12. I will never ever be good at mornings. Ever. Seriously whoever wakes me up faces hell. I'm a bitch and my mum once thought I was going to run over an old lady because it was early & I hadn't had coffee (spoiler: I wasnt going to but I did rant at her for taking too long. Sorry bout that.)

13. Fairy lights make a room super cosy and are one of lifes essentials. Fairy lights for everyone. Also candles but they aren't worth the lectures you get when your dad is a fireman.

14. Graduating Uni is terrifying and very few people actually have a plan for what to do afterwards. Just winging my life and my eyeliner tbh

15. You can make amazing and extremely weird but wonderful friends online. Seriously I'd be lost without them. They are a strange bunch though & they constantly blow up my phone

I'm sure I probably learnt real life serious things in 2015 too as well as a crap load of biochemistry which I have instantly forgotten but who wants to hear about that.

What did you learn in 2015?


Elegant Touch House of Holland Glitterbug Nails

4 January 2016

If you keep up with my ramblings on twitter then you will have seen these nails and how much I struggled to function as a human after I first put them on. Seriously I felt like when you put shoes on a dog and they cant walk. It was hilarious. I am definitely not used to long nails and am surprised I didn't lose an eye.

The House of Holland Glitterbug nails are seriously gorgeous and I couldn't stop looking at them. I got so many compliments and was so sad when I had to take them off. Just a shame I couldn't type with them. Seriously how do you do it. I had to get my brother to put my pin in for me one day because I couldn't press the buttons.

They were really easy and super quick to apply and they lasted pretty well. I think I took them off after 6 days because I was supposed to be going bowling. I only had two fall off and both of them were wheelchair related. Damn spokes #WheelchairProblems. I will definitely be trying more from the range and they are perfect for parties. Plus they are so freaking sparkly.

Elegant Touch House of Holland Glitterbug Nails

Elegant touch glitterbug nails

glitterbug false nails

I've also tried the Elegant touch express range which I love including the Pink, Minnie Mouse and Bright Tribal nails.
Have you tried any of the House of Holland range?