Clogau Lust List

16 February 2016

For my 21st I was lucky enough to receive a Clogau charm bracelet from my family. Clogau has to be my favourite ever Jewellery. Its gorgeous, unique and welsh. Seriously their items are just stunning. I also have a gorgeous locket which I got for my 16th which started my love affair with this beautiful brand. The only downside is the price. My poor bank balance, but it is so worth it. I currently have 5 charms from family, friends and myself and I love every single one of them. I am permanently attached to my bracelet and feel lost without it.

The newest catalogue dropped through my door the other day. As I was browsing it with my morning cuppa I mentally spent about a billion pounds (slight exaggeration). Seriously I want it all. So I thought I'd do a lust list of all the gorgeous charms and rings I need in my life

Clogau Wishlist

Lovespoon Affinity Stacking Ring & Heart Affinity Stacking Ring - How gorgeous are these? I already have a welsh lovespoon necklace that my mum got me for my 18th that I wear everyday so this would go perfectly. I'm just obsessed with rings and constantly need more in my life. 

Horseshoe Charm - I had horses when I was younger. I was that crazy horse girl in school and I loved it. Plus horse shoes are lucky

Man in the Moon Charm - I am also that girl that points out the moon and the stars every night. Seriously I could spend hours just looking at them (except it hurts my neck). 

White Topaz Star Charm - Sparkle and stars. What more could you want from a charm?

Music Note Charm - I listen to music every day and I'd be lost without it

Horse Charm - Crazy horse girl again. I just love horses and wish I was well enough to own one again

Oyster & Pearl Charm - Obviously a mermaid needs an oyster charm. It even opens up to reveal a pearl inside. So magical

Queen Bee Charm - I love bees and am constantly going on about them & how we need to save them to my dad. Plus I'm also the queen bee obvs.

Mirror Charm - The perfect charm for a vain girl like me. Plus its so pretty 

Damselfly Charm - This is just so pretty and blue is my favourite colour. 

Paw Print Charm - I'm such an animal lover and would be lost without my dog (who is currently snoring away on my bed). 

Do you love Clogau as much as me?
What charm would you choose?


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