February 2019 Favourites

8 March 2019

 I never got around to doing a January faves post. I mean it didn't help that I have barely worn makeup recently. I am determined to play around with more this month. I even bought a super bright eyeshadow palette to mess around with. This month's favourites isn't a particularly big one either. Just the essentials, moisturiser, highlighter and lipstick. What more do you need? Oh, the shit tons of hot Ribena I've been drinking because I've felt crappy.

Read in February 2019

6 March 2019

February was a tough month for me. I didn't feel great for a lot of it as I've been really struggling with fatigue and pain. This has resulted in a lack of concentration and the need for a lot of naps. I still managed to read 3 books though so I'm classing that as a win. I have also caught up with Greys Anatomy and worked my way through some of my Netflix watchlist. 

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