Shit I Probably Didn't Need

26 March 2015

I went to Chester with a friend a few weeks ago in an attempt to distract us from the massive amounts of work we have. Retail therapy always helps. Well that and cake which we also happened to partake in. As I don't have a Primark where I live and there isn't one where I'm at uni I only get to go about once a year. So we always make it worth it. 2 hours later we emerged slightly dehydrated & sweaty (Why are their shops always so warm?) weighed down by a few bags. So here's what I treated myself to.

Minion & Olaf Trackies - £10 Each

As I only have one lecture a week at the moment but tons of work to do I spend most of my life in comfy clothes in the flat so these cute additions were a must. However my brother stole the minion ones as soon as I got home and he saw them *cries*

Shorts - £3 each

Another must for the comfy attire. I am a very warm person, Im always too hot and tends to be super hot because someone likes to turn on all the heaters and then go out so shorts are always needed. These are so comfy and for £3 I wish I had picked up more. I have practically lived in them this week because our house is practically a sauna
 Black & Blue Kimono - £8

I am a huge fan of the Kimono trend which seems to still be going strong from last year. As soon as I saw this one I had to have it. I love the colours and I don't yet have one with tassels. Also I was too warm in the hoodie I had worn out so needed something lighter to change in to which made it a necessary purchase

Despicable me pyjamas - £7

Yet more comfy clothes. I would say 90% of the clothes I own are pyjamas. I have the pjs that are just minions but they are too big and fall down all the time so I had to have these plus Unicorns I love them.
Small Grey Bag - £6

This bag is so small so should be good for when I need a bag but only for essentials like phone money and lipstick (definitely vital). All my bags are too big. Plus I am obsessed with all things grey at the moment

Pastel Clutch - £6

I'm loving pastels at the moment. I don't know whats wrong with me. Im  normally not a fan. Managed to justify this to my dad so he didnt lecture me about buying more bags (I may have a problem). When Im using my wheelchair I have no where for my bags except on my lap which is a tad annoying but I thought with a clutch it will fit down the side of me. Plus its pretty. Another necessary purchase I believe

Cosmetics bag - £4

This purchase I cannot justify. I do not need another cosmetics bag but I couldnt put it down. It just fell into my basket. However it is the perfect size for my toiletries when going away so it has a purpose.

False Nails £1 each

I'm loving false nails at the moment and with these only being a pound I couldnt really say no

Sunglasses Back pairs £1 each, front pair £2

Okay I admit it I have a massive addiction to sunglasses. I just cant resist them. Its my weakness. I already own like a billion pairs. Buuut in my defense the pink ones match my hair so I had to buy them and the mint ones go really well with my hair so another must. I never normally buy brown lenses but I'm having an issue with my eyes & my optician suggested I tried them to see if they helped with pain from lights so they were a medical necessity. Drs orders and all that


Superdrug is a store I should never go in. Ever. I always spend too much. Their deals just suck me in. Barry M had a 2 for £6 and I am on a mission to own all the Gellys so I picked up Blueberry and I got sucked in by the glitter of Glitterati V.I.P. Bourjois also had a buy one get second half price offer so I picked up the new colourband shadow crayon in Beige minimal and the Rouge Obscur nail polish

MAC All Fired Up & Velvet Teddy

I only recently got my first MAC lipstick and I'm slowly building up my collection. I'm obsessed with nude lips at the moment which is weird because I'm normally a brighter the better kinda girl but I had to get the most talked about nude Velvet Teddy. I then fell in love with All fired up and once again it matched my hair so I had to have it.

What have you guys been buying recently?


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