Thursday Tunes

5 June 2014

I tend to have music on constantly and I have over 3000 songs on my iPod so I thought I'd start maybe telling you guys my favourite songs of the week.

This is a great one to belt out. I also love the off the cuff version

So I know Cher Lloyd is not the most popular and is someone you don't always admit to liking but I am loving this song at the moment. There's actually a few songs on her new album that I am quite liking.

This is so catchy and fun and Im always blasting it in the car

Another one thats great for belting out. Me and my mum are always blasting this in the car. Its such a great song. 

I only listened to this as I was curious to see what Britneys little sister was doing these days, plus I loved her in Zoey 101 but shh. I fell in love with this song straight away.

I hated this song when I first heard it but it slowly grew on me and Im now always singing and dancing along to it.

This song is great for days when you feel a bit crap, its a great pick me up with uplifting lyrics and a catchy tune

A great catchy summer tune great for blasting in the car.

This song reminds me of the ends of my exams and is a great summer tune. 

Who doenst love a bit of spice girls. I haven't been sleeping well at the moment and this song always seems to come on shuffle at stupid o'clock in the morning. Obviously I wanna zigazig ahh.

What songs are you loving this week?


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