Blogging Magazines

20 January 2017

If you haven't seen at least one Blogosphere magazine on instagram where have you been? They are the most photogenic magazines I have ever seen. As soon as I saw them I knew I had to check them out. I also recently saw The Blogging Grotto on Twitter (check them out here) and decided to pick that up too. They are both magazines for bloggers by bloggers and I just love that idea.

Blogging Magazines

The blogging grotto is a magazine/zine about blogging by bloggers and you can tell that so much time and love has gone into it. There are gorgeous lifestyle posts that make you feel all cosy, films, travel, crafts, beauty, a debate, fashion, helpful tips and even an interview with Jemma (Dorkface). It's such a good read and I really enjoyed settling down with a cuppa, having a browse and seeing all my favourite bloggers on paper. 

The blogging grotto

These magazines are so beautiful. They are also the most jam packed magazines I have ever had with 162 gorgeous pages. There are so many beautifully written articles about anything and everything including beauty, lifestyle, fashion, food, fitness, and parent blogging. It includes helpful articles on improving your blog, and talks about some of the issues within blogging. Obviously it wouldn't be a magazine without an interview with some of your favourite bloggers ranging from the big to those with less of a following. Reading this magazine leaves me beyond inspired and I'm so motivated to crack on with my own blog. Blogosphere is honestly the best thing I've read in a long time.

Blogosphere magazine

Blogosphere magazine

If you haven't checked these out yet I definitely recommend them. I've been so uninspired and disheartened by magazines recently but these are so much better than the magazines you can get on the high street and definitely worth the money. I cannot wait for the next issues.


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