Maisons du Monde Wishlist

7 December 2016

When I was in France 2 weeks ago (I think that's when I was there) I discovered a shop that was a bloggers dream. I fell in love with the pastel and rose gold gorgeousness (I posted this instagram pic) but they had a section for every colour scheme. I honestly could have spent a fortune in that shop. Stupidly I only bought some Christmas decorations. They are the most gorgeous glass baubles I have ever seen though so that makes up for the lack of other purchases. I could not stop thinking about some pink & grey coffee cups I saw there so I decided to see if I could find them online. I found the shop and I have never been so excited to discover a shop has a UK site. Unfortunately I couldn't find the cups I have fallen in love with but there is still plenty more I want so I decided to make a wishlist. 
maisons du monde wishlist

GOLD china cup with triangle motifs

I love mugs, I own so many yet I cannot stop buying them. In my defence I drink a lot of hot drinks soo it is kind of a necessity. These are just so pretty. They also do marble cups and other marble accessories

ORIGAMI earthenware teapot in blue

I am obsessed with tea at the moment and am on the hunt for a teapot. I don't want just any teapot though I want a cute teapot and this one definitely fits the bill. How damn pretty is this?

ZOE earthenware large triangle pattern bowl

I am in love with pastel colours, especially grey and pink and I think I need these bowls in my life. It is very important that all my meals are instagrammable including my breakfast

Fabric and solid birch vintage chair in pink

I NEED this chair in my life. It is the perfect colour for my room and it's just so pretty. So if you fancy getting me something for Christmas or putting in a good word for me with Santa that would be awesome.

COPPER decorative glass pyramid

Copper accessories make any house look good and are perfect for accesorising blog and instagram photos. 

MODERN GREY triangular wooden key rack

I am always losing my keys. I put them down somewhere and then when I'm running late they've ended up in Narnia or something. How is it possible to lose my keys so often? My house isn't even that big. This key rack might make my life easier. If I remembered to put my keys on the rack that is. 

COPPER copper-colour metal ampersand ornament

Another copper accessory to make my room look cute. You can never have too many. 

GOLD TRIANGLE ceramic candle 

Candles. Another must have accessory for any house. I have passed on my addiction to my mum and I think she's probably worse than me. I've lost count of how many she has bought recently. This candle is just so pretty.

MAGIX pink cotton cushion

This cushion would go perfectly with that chair but it would also look perfect on my bed. Can you tell I am obsessed with pastel pink? They also have a matching blanket.

BLUSH COPPER scented candle

This candle is just so gorgeous and I need it. Like now.

I will probably be making an order as soon as I decided which pretties to buy first. I just want the whole shop really. I definitely recommned having a browse though


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