That Lame Company #BoxOfLame

12 October 2016

I am always browsing That Lame Company and lusting after their stationery. I've never actually bought anything though because I could never choose. When they announced the September #BoxOfLame I knew I had to have it. I ordered the Blogger #BoxOfLame as soon as I could. Safe to say it did not disappoint.

This #BoxOfLame gives you around £90 worth of products for £25. Such a massive bargain. It's also like Christmas getting to open a box of surprise goodies. You get a selection of That Lame Company goodies as well as some extra gifts from small business partners who kindly gift their items to the box. There is not a single thing in this box that I don't like and it's a must have for any stationery lovers out there.


I have been meaning to get a bookmark for agesss. I just keep using old receipts or ripped bits of my meds packets. This is soo much prettier. Also what blogger doesn't love washi tape and journal stickers. My planner is gonna look amazing.
What is more blogger cliche than a marble print notepad? You need it. I've made so many lists on it already. You also get some super cute recipe cards which may be covered in adorable veggies but I'm definitely putting my brownie recipe on one. I also need to get round to sending some snail mail now I have these cards. No excuses. I also absolutely adore these cute colourful binder clips. I need more.

That lame company prints

Cacti Print - Fear Print - Space Cat (Raining Cats & Cake) - Start Now Print -
Kawaii Sausages Postcard (Pop Cute Studios) - Believe in Yourself - Watercolour flowers (Dorkface)

I am sooo pleased with these. I'm trying to get the wall by my desk looking super cute and these are perfect. My room is going to look so good. I love the quotes and I've been lusting after the Dorkface flower print for ever. The space cat is also pretty damn cool. You can never have too many prints

You Can Do It Bruce - Celebrate All The Little VictoriesYou Had Me At Pizza

These Gold foil prints may be a bit of a bitch to photograph but they're perfect for my print wall. Also gold foil pizza. What more could you want?

Blogger Mail

How perfect is this blogger mail pad? I am soo happy with it and it'll make my life so much easier. They also do a sponsored post one which is such a good idea. Love it.

Notes & Dreams Notebook - Weekly Planner

These two might be my favourites along with the blogger mail pad. The pastel colours of this notebook are what dreams are made off. Also the weekly planner is soo handy. I may be able to get my ass organised yet. It could happen.

If you love stationery then you need this absolutely incredible box in your life. I'm excited to see what they do for the Christmas one. Also keep in mind that this business is run by Charlie and Chloe who both have full time jobs alongside thatlamecompany. How amazing are they?

I also love that they include small businesses as I am loving checking out their products on etsy and finding new people to support. They make the best gifts.


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