Lily Flame Lust List

13 April 2016

As you know I have recently moved house. Unfortunately the previous tenant was a heavy smoker. Seriously, we had to bleach the walls to remove some of the nicotine staining before we could start decorating. Even though my house is now fully decorated and has been aired there is still a slight smoke undertone that I just cant seem to shake. So am now lusting after all the scented candles to try and make my house smell delicious and less gross. 

A friend on twitter recommended Lily-Flame to me and now I think I may be in love. How gorgeous are these tins? The scents all sound amazing and I just can't decide which one(s) to order. The company also sound incredible with such lovely people behind it. 

lily flame candles

Powder Puff - How cute is this tin. Seriously I want it for the sole reason of how adorable it is. Described as Light, soft and talcy and Super Girly. It sounds magical and I want my house to smell all cute and girly. 

Fairy Dust Who doesn't need some fairy dust in their life? Described as Powdery, Warm, Sparkly and Magical. It's safe to say this needs to be in my house ASAP

Coconut Grove I love coconut. It is one of my fave scents (now that I gotten past my dislike of the smell after a very messy night drinking Malibu and an absolutely horrific hangover). It just reminds me of holidays, lounging on the beach in the sun. Sun cream, ice cream and all the heat.

Parma Violets These were my absolute favourite sweets and still rank pretty high. Me and my best friend used to sneak them in lessons at school and I need them in candle form.

Mango Fandango I'm a huge fan of tropical scents and mango is up there with my top faves. I want my house to smell fruity and delicious.

Which candles take your fancy?

Have you tried any of the Lily-flame candles?


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