Chronic Illness gift guide

18 December 2015

I've been having a pretty rough few days with my EDS recently and narrowly avoided A&E the other night. So I thought I'd do a gift guide for things my body would love to receive apart from a lorry load of painkillers or a new set of joints. Obviously these would be great for anyone that likes to be warm and cosy but if you're struggling for ideas of what to buy for any of your friends/family with a chronic illness have a read.

chronic illness gift guideHot Water Bottle - I don't know how I would live without my hot water bottle. Especially in winter. I literally take it with me wherever I go. Ever see a girl in a wheelchair clutching a polar bear to her ribs come say hi because it'll probably be me. 

Unicorn Heat Bag - Unicorns I love them. Hot unicorns that ease your aches are even better. 

Bedding - As we spend so much time in bed cute bedding makes the bed bound days that little bit better. Being wrapped in a nice bedding makes me smile through the pain and you can never have too much bedding.

Pyjamas - I would say 90% of my wardrobe is made up of pyjamas. If you ever stop by my house unless I am just about to leave there is a 99.9% chance I will be in my pyjamas. They are just so comfy. The best thing about Christmas? New pyjamas to add to the collection.

Aloe Heat Lotion - I did a full review on this here but in short I love this stuff. Last night when I couldn't breathe because of pain I smothered myself in it. I use it for all my aches and I permanently smell of deep heat

Blanket Wrap - Blanket Wraps are a girls best friends. Blankets that are acceptable to wear outside. Is there anything better in life? These are great to wear in wheelchairs to keep toasty (if you aren't manually propelling yourself otherwise it gets stuck in the wheels). Also great to wear to lectures, events etc because you can just huddle up in it and try not to fall asleep.  

Fluffy Socks - You can never have enough pairs of fluffy socks FACT. I can never find normal socks to wear but I have fluffy socks everywhere. They're cosy and warm and heaven for my ice block feet. 

Blanket Scarf - I am obsessed with my blanket scarf at the moment especially since I had my hair cut off because I get a chilly neck. This is another item of clothing that can be used as a socially acceptable blanket. I take mine to my brothers basketball training every week and then wrap myself up in it and become a cosy burrito 

Also if you want to check out some appliances that can help around the kitchen that I'm sure any spoonie would be happy to receive you can check out my Kitchen Essentials Post

Hope everyones bodies are behaving better than mine. 

Is everyone ready for Christmas?


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