Christmas Lust List

30 November 2015

In case you hadn't noticed, its the 1st of December. I woke up this morning to my twitter timeline full of christmas. There was just Christmas everywhere. The excitement is real. So I thought today would be a good day to put up what I'm lusting after at the moment.

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F&F Patchwork Boucle Scarf - I am obsessed with scarves at the moment and never leave the house without one. I love the bigger scarves as they are just blankets that are acceptable to wear. This one is just such a gorgeous colour.

Red, Navy & Grey Patchwork Multi Purpose Wrap - This one is really similar to the 1st one but can be a wrap or a scarf and I cant decide which one I prefer. My style this winter is just gonna be thick socks, thick leggings, hoodies and massive scarves. I just want to be warm and cosy okay. I was not made to be cold. 

Soap & Glory One Heck Of A Blot - I've heard some good things about this primer and I'm still desperate to try some of the Soap & Glory makeup range. 

Frozen Elsa Sketch Mug - I am obsessed with cute mugs and this would go very well with my Little Mermaid one. Also Elsa's eyeliner is on point 

Big Hero 6 DVD - I love Disney and have nearly all of the films. Seriously my DVD shelf is soo full but I need to add this one to my collection. It's an amazing film and I totally cried when I watched it.

Lovespoon affinity stacking ring - Slightly pricey item. I am so in love with Clogau. I have the charm bracelet and a locket and they are just so gorgeous. I never take my charm bracelet off and as I'm addicted to rings I want a clogau one to add to my collection. 

Microwave Heat Unicorn - Warm huggable Unicorn. What more could you ask for? Perfect for winter.

Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter - My skincare routine is pretty much non existent. I take my makeup off with micellar water and occasionally use a cheap clean & clear cleanser in the shower if I remember. I've read so many good reviews on this though and I really want to give it a go.

What are you lusting after this year?


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