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8 September 2015

As some of you may know I have been doing a work placement and volunteering with Whizz Kidz. Two weeks ago we had a massive day out to Staylittle Outdoor centre for a Sailability event. After copious amounts of coffee (I dont get along with early mornings) and getting lost once *cough a few times* we made it to the gorgeous Clywedog reservoir. It was an eventful but stunning journey. I would also like to thank my taxi driver (my lil brother) for getting me there in one piece whilst I sat clutching my coffee and grunting in response.

whizz kidz sailability

Sail ability provides the opportunity for disabled people to have a go at sailing and canoeing. They have accessible boats and hoists and an amazing attitude. The staff are so lovely and extremely helpful, making the day that little bit more enjoyable. You are provided with all the equipment you need including very fetching wetsuits and life jackets. I looked fabulous but unfortunately I didn't get any pictures. Such a shame. They also have an accessible toilet and shower.

I would have to say that for an accessible event there are a few things you need to be aware of. The ramp down to the water is extremely steep so power chairs may skid and cause issues. It is also super steep for manual chair users. Even my brother with his massive arms had to be pushed up (seriously I think he might be part gorilla). You have to take a fully accessible power boat to the jetty to then transfer to the sailing boats where they have a hoist to get you in.

Unfortunately for us even though we went in August the weather was not great. It was a tad on the chilly side yet when we got on the sailing boat the wind disappeared and the rain joined us. We still had a good time though. We went on a trip on the power boat and learnt all about the history of the reservoir which was so interesting. Then we went sailing and talked a lot about pizza. After lunch the people with more hardcore bodies (not me and my brother) went out canoeing whilst we huddled around the heater clutching more coffee trying to get our joints to function. Everyone seemed to love the canoeing.

staylittle outdoor centre

satylittle sailability

Despite the beautiful welsh weather and a slightly broken body everyone still had an amazing day. We got to catch up with friends made at other groups and make new ones. The staff made the day go smoothly with no injuries, which is a pretty major achievement with my brother around.

I love that Whizz Kidz makes activities that wouldn't normally be open to disabled young people possible and provide the support needed to have as much fun as possible


p.s you can find all my other posts on Whizz Kidz Activities here and if you want to know more get in touch mermaidindisguise@outlook.com

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