Lil Life Update

23 September 2015

You can have 2 posts today to explain why you may have noticed that posts have been seriously lacking recently. Sorry about that. My life has just been crazy hectic recently. I actually have so many posts to write up but zero time. I ended up going on holiday to different places 3 weeks in a row which although amazing took its toll on my body and I'm not even sure if I'm still alive any more. I need a holiday from my body to recover.

 I had the best time in Barcelona with my friends which actually seems like forever ago now. I then was home for one day before I went away in the caravan with my family and we stayed in Pembrey. I managed to carry on working on my tan and work my way through some of my to read list and it was nice to actually get to spend time with my family. We were then home for one more night before we rushed off to Manchester for my brother to compete for Wales in the Sainsbury's school games Wheelchair Basketball (Proud sister alert).

I've now been home for 2 weeks but I've been volunteering with Whizz Kidz, attended a blogger event (which I will get around to posting about), went to the rubgy and tried to rest so that my body didn't die on me. Then Friday we had to get an ambulance for my lil brother and I have spent every day since then in the hospital rotating with my parents so someone is always with him. He's still not out and we still have no idea what's wrong with him but fingers crossed we can get some answers soon.

Sooo that is my hectic life and why I haven't been around as much as I would like. Once everything get's back to normal (well as normal as my family can be) hopefully I can start posting more regularly. Buuut my body may crash and burn for a bit first because the queen of over doing it is struggling on.

Hope you are all fabulous 


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