Cardiff Half Marathon

29 September 2015

As some of you may know my lil brother (He's not that little hes actually part gorilla) randomly lost the use of his legs over 2 years ago and they never came back. Along with this he also gained muscle spasms (sometimes make it look like he twerking, however this is no laughing matter, okay maybe a little bit funny). Anyway he now uses a wheelchair full time and I'm a little bit jealous that his wheelchair is cooler than mine and he can do wheelies and I'm too scared but that's not the point.

The Doctors still have no idea what caused his legs to suddenly not work and no one really seems to be bothered about finding an answer. He is in huge amounts of pain daily with his EDS and whatever else is going on and the constant spasms are exhausting (I now call him Thumper because he foot goes just like thumpers. In other news I am a terrible sister. I also shout earthquake). He has also recently lost his core muscle which means he's a tad on the floppy side and literally has to be tied to his basketball chair (with a luggage strap because very technical). 

The point is Ollie is doing the Cardiff Half Marathon in his wheelchair on Sunday and yes I agree he is probably a little bit crazy. This is made even more incredible by the fact that he only came out of hospital after a week long stay on Friday due to horrific full body spasms (he looked possessed & I was going to rent him out to horror films). I don't think he has a brain but he is extremely determined. He is so excited and is attempting to finish the whole thing. I however will be on the sideline, possibly with pom poms if I can find any (where can a girl get some green pom poms?), cheering everyone on and enjoying the feeling of actually being able to get oxygen into my lungs.

I would also like to point out that my dad who tries to do the bare minimum of exercise also signed up in a moment of weakness. I'm a little bit concerned as the word lycra has been thrown around a bit which may be a tad traumatic.

They are raising money for Whizz Kidz as they are an amazing charity that support young people in wheelchairs providing them with the skills and confidence needed to navigate life on four wheels. They also provide vital equipment to make living life possible.  

So if you could donate even 50p I know it would make my brothers day as well as a lot of other disabled young people that the money would go to help. You can find the just giving page here and it would be awesome if you could leave an encouraging note for Ollie and my dad Dave on there to let them know you donated and spur them on that little bit more.

Also if you're in cardiff look out for the girl with bright pink hair rocking a neon green top. Colour clashing at it's finest.

Anyone else running?


p.s if you wanna know more about whizz kidz you can read my other posts on them here

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