Prairie Pizzazz Subscription Box

8 June 2015

If you are on twitter you may have seen Prairie Charms. They are seriously the nicest, friendliest people on twitter. They specialise in accessories as well as cute things such as paper straws and washi tape. The list goes on. Just be assured that everything is super cute and there is also a lot of glitter involved.

You may remember that I posted about the Katsya glitter bow band a while ago and got very excited about my macro glitter shot much to my dads confusion. So when I was asked if I wanted to get in on the Pizzazz I got a lil bit excited.

Prairie Pizzazz

The Prairie Pizzazz is a subscription box with a different theme each time and it comes in a pizza box packed full with a variety of "toppings". This months theme was Festival and it was worth the excitement. There was a variety of hair accessories including bows & flowers, jewellery, straws, popcorn, nail stickers and even a cute foil print from Dotty Rocks which is going to look amazing in my newly decorated room. Weirdly I was most excited by the hair ties because I have been wanting to try some for ageeesss plus they are my favourite print ever. Galaxy and glitter (there was also a black one but that is currently in my hair).

Okay you ready for the pictures? Theres a few and I didn't even include everything.

Prairie Pizzazz

Prairie charms flower grips

Prairie charms black bow

Prairie Pizzazz

Prairie Pizzazz

There were also extras like a list of all the pizzazz toppings, a list of blogs to check out, a loyalty card and a money off voucher (I am totally eyeing up one of their floral garlands).

Also because they are super lovely and it was my birthday the week they were sorting the boxes they made me a gorgeous birthday crown and they picked a colour that would look amazing with my hair. Personalisation at its best and they were so right. I feel fabulous and quite often rock it around the house in a fantabulous pyjama crown combo. I'll do another post on this because it deserves to be centre of attention

At £25 I'm not sure if this is something I will keep up every time just because I'm poor and I'm worried it might get a bit repetitive. There's only so many hair accessories a girl can have. Buuuutt I am excited to see what they do with the next box and that may convince me otherwise.

If you think this is something you want in on you can get a full size deluxe box like this one for £25 or you can get a slice box which is smaller but still awesome for £15.

All you have to do is tweet @Prairie_Charms with what you want and the hashtag #MERMAIDPIZZAZZ to get the offer.

Will you be getting one?


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