The Christmas edit: 10 of the best stocking filler

14 November 2014

Today I have a guest post from the lovely people over at Montagne Jeunesse giving you some ideas for stocking fillers.

Buying the big presents is never the problem. If your family are anything like ours, they’ll have been dropping B52 sized hints since mid-September regarding their ‘main’ presents. But nobody likes to get just one gift on Christmas, and so we are tasked with sourcing a multitude of inexpensive, innovative and inspired little gifts as make-weights or ‘stocking fillers’.
If you’re stuck for ideas for those little bits and pieces, here are our pick of 10 of the best stocking fillers around for Christmas 2014.

1.       John Lewis Rudolph Socks: Yes, socks are a bit of a cliché when it comes to Christmas, but how could you possibly resist the particularly adorable festive footwear from John Lewis in your stocking? Cosy, cute and with the most charming little Rudolph applique at the toes, these are the ideal gift for the lady in your life.

2.       Mr Stanley’s Giant Chocolate Penny: Chocolate coins are a staple of any stocking, but to shake things up a bit this year, how about a giant sized chocolate penny for your thoughts? Containing no less than 100g of quality milk chocolate, this has to be the best way to start Christmas morning ever.

3.       Dirt and Grime Clean Facemask: Here’s a little secret: Men like facemasks too. It’s true, and this male orientated, self-warming facemask is just the ticket to spice up your fellers stocking. With cinnamon to invigorate and ginger to nourish, your man will be smooth and sensual before you know it.

4.       Smart Glove: What’s worse than going out on a chilly winter’s morning and realising you’ve forgotten your gloves? Probably going out on a chilly winter’s morning with your hands toasty warm inside your gloves, and then realising you have to remove said gloves in order to check for emails on your phone. These handy ‘smart gloves’ are woven with special conductive material at the fingertips, making it possible to use your smartphone screen without ever exposing your delicate hands to the elements. Perfect.

5.       Hangover kit: Know someone who likes to party just a little too much? Then get them an all in one hangover kit, available from Prezzybox. Everything they need to freshen up the morning after is included in the kit, such as toothpaste, an eye mask, a glucose tablet and even a sachet of coffee.

6.       Slingshot gliders: Everyone remembers the cheap polystyrene planes often given to us as kids. Nine times out of ten the wings would break during assembly, and if you made it through that part unscathed, they’d usually just nose dive into the ground on first flight anyway. Well, Hawkins Bazaar have gone one better for this Christmas, with super sturdy, slingshot powered glider planes for just £1. If you’ve got a child to buy for (or a big kid), you can’t go wrong with these high powered planes in their stocking.

7.       Road rage swearing punch ball: If you’ve got a stress head in your life, get them a bit of anger management with this road rage swearing punch ball. Whether it’s an old lady dawdling, a lorry cutting them up or a stack of traffic on the motorway, this punch ball ensures they release their temper in the safe confines of their own car. Stick the punch ball onto the windscreen and listen to it swear and curse at the idiots on the road to keep the driver calm and collected.

8.       Pass the Pigs: Remember Pass the Pigs? No? Well if you’re a PTP newbie, then let us tell you this is potentially the best purchase you will make this Crimbo. Ridiculously stupid yet strangely addictive and cutthroat competitive, your whole family will soon be yelling “Get IN! Double snouter, yes!”

9.       Mushroom Salt and Pepper Shakers: Silly presents not your thing? Need to find something for a more mature and sensible person in your life? These gorgeous little Cath Kidston salt and pepper pots might be just the thing. Quirky, classy and with a respectable designer name to them… and all for under £20.

10.   Jack Daniels flavoured fudge: Do you like whisky? Do you like fudge? Then you’ll love this Jack Daniels whisky flavoured fudge! Perfect for booze lovers and those with a sweet tooth alike, and at only £6 from BHS it won’t break your budget either.

Hopefully these top 10 stocking fillers from Montagne Jeunesse have inspired you for your own Christmas shopping this year. Don’t feel stressed about stocking fillers. If all else fails, there’s always the chocolate orange.

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