Kiss wishlist

24 October 2014

I posted about the newish brand Kiss that has popped up in Wilkinsons stores and how much I loved the primer that made me want to stroke my face the other day and after having a browse on the wilko website to procrastinate my dissertation I decided to to a little wishlist (for yet more procrastination).

Kiss wishlist

I Scrub Up Well Exfoliating Body Scrub -£4 - I am obsessed with body scrubs but I keep getting let down by them not being scrubby enough. The packaging on this one just kinda draws me in

Apricot Lip Scrub - £2 - A lip scrub is a must in my bright and bold lipstick wearing life and one that only costs £2 and is apricot needs to be tried.

Cleansing Face Foam -£4 - I really want to try a face foam so why not start with an inexpensive one

Clay Time Purifying Face Mask - £4 - I mean who doesn't love face masks and I'm always looking to try more.

Weekend Bag - £10 - This would be pretty handy if you ended up staying somewhere unplanned. It contains a lip crayon, eye shadow 2 piece compact with mirror, mascara, liquid eyeliner, blusher, nail polish, dry shampoo, shower gel and a comb all in a handy bag. 

Selfie Preparation kit makeup bag - £3 - I need this bag in my life. It is definitely a need. Like an if I go past a Wilkinsons I will be in there like a shot need.

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow Hair Colour Kit - £5 - Changing up your hair colour is always fun but can be costly, scary, a hassle or all 3. This kit contains Blue hair chalk, green hair chalk, pink hair chalk, silver glitter hair colour spray and tail comb so you can have multi coloured hair if you wish and have the locks of a mermaid or unicorn.

Have you tried anything from this range?


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