Film|| Brick Mansions

22 October 2014

Now first things first, Man  I want to be able to able to get around buildings as quick and looking as awesome as David Belle. He's the founder of Parkour which obviously helps but it's not fair. I can't even walk on flat ground without tripping over air and injuring myself and he can jump off a roof and not die. I mean c'mon share some of your magic ability.

Anyways moving on. I loved this film and not just because it has Paul Walker and a magic flying David Belle in. Some action films have a tendency to have a poor story line and just involve a lot of pointless violence and explosions (everyone loves a dramatic explosion). Now I'm not saying there was no violence or explosions but there was also a very good storyline.

Brick mansions is basically a town full of criminals and poor families which the city built a wall around to keep the crime in. Paul Walker played Damien an undercover cop (surprise surprise) and ends up joining with David Belle (Lino) to save Brick Mansions, Lino's girlfriend and not let the bad guys win. All of this obviously involves lots of jumping off buildings and through shut windows looking all cool and attractive.

For the guys and girls not interested in how hot they looked running around, this film also involves car chases, guns, drugs and two hot girls having a fight with chains and thigh locks. RZA plays the bad guy and he has to be my favourite villain that I've seen in a while. I mean c'mon he has a gold gun and he cooks.

There is a plot twist at the end which I really should have seen coming and I was disappointed in myself for not working it out sooner but it makes the film even better.

Let me know what you thought of this film?


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