Sunday Summary

10 August 2014

I haven't really been out the house that much this week. My family have all been at work and my carers come in to feed me and make sure I'm not broken or dead. I've pretty much just been fighting with my dissertation lit review and reading so many papers on Urinary tract infections and antibioitic resistance that my brain has fried

But here are the things that made me smile

1. The rib that was out of place yesterday and caused me to cry with laughter because it hurt too much to laugh is finally back in place so it no longer hurts to breathe

2. I went to the beach and had 2 ice creams, swam in the freezing cold sea and got a stick of rock.

3. I won the giveaway on the beautiful Sams blog sjmcdf.

4. I've fallen in love with the one out of the 2 MAC lipsticks I bought that I wasn't so sure about "so chaud"

5. My mum bought me a chocolate orange

6. I beat my highest number of views on my blog on Wednesday

7. An 8yr old girl told my dad to tell me I had amazing hair and am really pretty. Made my whole year

What's made you smile this week?


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