Shop Dixi Wild Hearts Wishlist

16 July 2014

I haven't done a wishlist post for a while and as it's wishlist Wednesday (It is Wednesday right?) and I'm stuck in bed with an angry body that won't stay together I thought I'd show you a few of the many things I am lusting over from Shop Dixi. I love this shop and own, I think, 6 of their items and am constantly wanting to add more to my collection but sadly I have a distinct lack of pennies. Now if you haven't heard of them before uh why not? Go have a browse and I guarantee you'll want at least one thing.

So here's what I'm lusting after from their new Wild Hearts Collection:

shop dixi wild hearts wishlist

1. Sterling Silver Midnight Moon Ring £28 - I constantly go on about it but I love the moon and I love this ring especially as its sterling silver so won't tarnish

2. Ocean Child Bracelet £16 - Now as you may know I also absolutely adore the ocean. Well most water actually. As a child I would cry until my mum put me in the bath & then I'd swim about. She said I should have been a mermaid. This bracelet needs to be on my wrist

3.  Canyon Anklet/Bracelet £28 - I love anklets even though my Nan likes to tell me often that only prostitutes wear them but then she also says that about black bra's. I don't really know what planet she's on. This one can be worn as an anklet or a bracelet. I mean who doesn't love a multi use item. It's chunky and I love it

4. Rhapsody Hand Harness £26 - This is something different but as soon as I saw it, it was love. It looks amazing and would look so good with a tan. 

5. Nomad Coin Anklet £20 - another anklet and a slightly less chunky one this time. I just love it and need to have it on my ankle right now. I think it would look awesome with a pair of denim shorts, vest top and lace kimono

You can Follow Shop Dixi on twitter and Instagram and keep an eye out because they often have deals on.

You can also see some of the items I already own here

What are you lusting after?

Tried any of shop dixis jewellery? If so what's your favourite? Would love to know (I'm nosy like that)


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