New Look wishlist

3 June 2014

The Inspire range in New Look has some gorgeous items. I love that I can shop for plus size clothes in my favourite shops, I just wish more shops actually stocked the inspire range as I'm not a massive fan of buying clothes online.
I'm a massive fan of their vest tops and I really love these skater dresses as this style seems to flatter my figure. As you can probably tell I'm loving blue, turquoise and mint at the moment. I'm also trying to step away from my trusty black.

New Look Inspire Wishlist

I'm obsessed with mini bodycon skirts and have so many in my collection. Some of them are a tad big or gone a bit saggy now so I'm looking to get more. I'm a massive fan of printed skirts as I tend to wear a more neutral top. I cant tell which of these is my favourite and I desperately want all of them. I also want to get in on the skort trend as they look great but also really comfy. 

I'm slowly being converted to dresses as Im normally a skirt and top kinda girl but I really like these and think they'd be great for summer. I also need some more flats and I have a few pairs of espadrilles that I have worn to death. The Magenta flats are gorgeous and could also be dressed up. 

New Look wishlist

What are you lusting after at the moment?


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