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13 June 2014

Everybody loves a bit of alliteration right?
 I was going to do a Red lipstick post today but I want to get some photos of lip swatches and in order to do that I have to actually put on makeup (and do a lil bit of de fuzzing on my upper lip but shh) so today you get to read all about the films I've been watching on Netflix. 

Revenge of the Bridesmaids

This film is something I just chucked on when i was feeling crappy because it looked like it didn't require a lot of attention. Two best friends find out their enemy is engaged to another friends ex. They decide to worm their way in as bridesmaids and try and crash the wedding in order to reunite the true love birds. 
There was some pretty funny parts and the storyline wasn't bad but I found a lot of it was a bit cringey and over the top. It was however great for putting on as a distraction from the pain as there was no tricky plot line to try and keep up with and there were some interesting plot twists.


LOL 2012 movie poster.jpg

Another film I put on when I was in a lot of pain but I'm surprised to say I did actually really enjoy this. Lola (Miley) and her Mum (Demi moore) have a really close relationship which is really cute. Then Miley starts having boy troubles and the whole should I have sex dilemma and starts to distance herself from her mum. Its a good teenage film about mother/daughter relationships and all the dramas that come with growing up. If you love girly rom com films than this is for you.

Adventures in Zambezia

Zambezia Movie Poster 2012.jpg

I'm a massive lover of animated films because I'm a big kid at heart and this one didn't disappoint. I'm surprised it's not a better known film. A dad and his son live on their own with the only thing the dad cares about is protecting his son. His son then finds out there's a massive bird island where all the birds live together and he runs away from home to find it. Then he gets in trouble. 
This is a great film for kids and adults who love animated films. The animation is really good and the story line is fun and interesting. I'm probably going to buy this on DVD to add to my large collection.

Just Like Heaven

Just like heaven.jpg

This was a weird film. David (Mark Ruffalo) rents an apartment and then Elizabeth (Reese Witherspoon) shows up saying it's hers but she keeps disappearing and can get in even when he changes the locks. He then realises that she's the spirit of Elizabeth. I don't want to say too much and ruin the storyline but they hate each other to start with but as they spend more time together they realise they are both lonely with no friends. 

Friends With Kids

Friends with kids poster.jpg

I really liked this film. The ending was a bit predictable but most films are. Theres a group of friends with two couples and two singles. The two single people are best friends and do a lot together and tell each other everything. The 2 couples have kids and Jason & Julie get jealous. They realise that they can have a child without sacrificing their social lives and careers if they have one together. Then things get complicated.
This was really funny and was great to see the different friendships and what life with kids is really like. It showed all the ups and downs of life and how nothing is simple. 

Safe Haven

Safe Haven Poster.jpg

I loved this film and am definitely going to get it on DVD. It was a mixture of romance and action. What more could you ask for plus I love Julianne Hough and Josh Duhamel is not too bad on the eyes plus in the film he's got kids and is so cute with them. Kate (Julianne) arrives in a small town and no one knows anything about her. She starts to bond with a widower (Josh) which means she must confront her dark past whoch soon catches up with her. 
This film was not predictable at all and it had the right mix of romance and action. It kept me interested until the very end and included a really big plot twist. Would definitely recommend this even for those who are not that keen on  romance films.

House at the end of the Street

House at The End of the Street.jpg

This is a thriller and I actually quite enjoyed it. Jennifer Lawrence moves house with her mum and they then find out that the house next door is the site of a double murder. She doesn't mind this too much and makes friends with the guy who lives there, the son of the murdered couple. Everyone says he's bad news but she wants to make up her own mind. Then things start to go wrong.
This was really good and I wasn't expecting the twist at the end and it finishes with a really tense scene as all good thrillers should.



Oh my god this film made me cry so much. You are going to need a lot of tissues. A teenage girl finds herself being bullied by her fellow school students through a social network site. It gets her more and more upset. She tries everything to get them to stop. She get's really depressed and wants to die. 
This film has a really great message about how harmful cyberbullying can be and that words can hurt even if they are on a screen. It also shows that people can turn on you and you may find out how horrible it is to be treated how you were treating others. 

What films have you been watching?
Any Netflix suggestions?


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