Dear Chronic Illness Book Release

13 June 2018

So I have some extremely exciting news. This has been building for a while and tomorrow it is finally being released. If you follow me on twitter you may have seen a mention of me being in a book. I was contacted a while ago by the beyond lovely Pippa from Spoonie Survival Kits. She asked if I wanted to put an entry towards a book called Dear Chronic Illness. I don't think I have ever been as happy as I was when I was told that my entry had been selected for the book.

Dear Chronic Illness Book Release
What is Dear Chronic Illness you ask? Well it is a book featuring a collection of short letters written by young people addressed to their chronic illness/ailment/disability. I want to emphasise that these are not your usual sob stories and they are definitely not inspiration porn. They are real down to earth reflections about life with a chronic illness.

They are light hearted, humorous accounts of various experiences. Each account also shows a very different insight into the challenges encountered when trying to navigate life with a disability/chronic illness. You get letters from 16 different people all with their own take on living with a chronic illness. As soon as I have read the book I will do a full review as well as an intro of all the other amazing contributors.

Dear chronic illness comes in both ebook and paperback. You can preorder the ebook* right now (go on you know you want to). All royalties are donated to Spoonie Survival Kits. Each book will fund the enterprise and continued development of SSK. This will hopefully enable them to raise even more funds for charity and create more accessible opportunities for chronically ill/disabled people. SSK is honestly so amazing. Pippa has raised so much money for so many different charities.

The amazing people over at Wallace publishing are the publishers behind our little book and we are honestly so grateful for their support, especially Leesa Wallace. You can check out Pippa's blog post here for any info I may have missed.

I had hoped to get this post up a while ago but my health just got in the way. However, that means you have less time to wait as the book will be out tomorrow and I am so excited to read all the other letters.

Will you be picking one up?


* Affiliate link - clicking it wont cost you anything but it means spoonie survival kits gets a few pennies if you do buy anything. 

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