Film// The Jungle Book

26 April 2016

When I first saw that they were remaking The Jungle Book I was outraged. How can you redo one of the best Disney films? Also I don't really get this whole remaking the classics thing that is happening at the moment but that doesn't stop me spending my money on every single one of them. I cant help it. I have to see them all. I absolutely loved Maleficent. Seriously its amazing. However I was a little bit disappointed by Cinderella, minus that gorgeous dress which I need in my life.
I only went to see this film because everyone on Twitter was raving about it. I was still sceptical but they were so right. It is amazing

The CGI is incredible. It was so good that it seriously confused my eyeballs, it looked so real. Also I need those wolf pups in my life. Beyond adorable. King Louie however is slightly terrifying. I would not mess with him.

I love the fact that they kept the best songs in it. Obvs The Bare necessities had to be in it and I wanna be like you is kind of in it but slightly more intimidating.  

The storyline is along similar lines in that Shere Khan is after Mowgli but there are some differences so you don't always know what's coming. Scarlett Johansson plays Kaa perfectly and I cannot think of anyone more suited for the role of Shere Khan than Idiris Elba. His voice just adds to the villainous nature of the terrifying tiger.  Also lets just take a moment to admire how incredible Neel Sethi (Mowgli) is.

This film gives so many emotions. I nearly shed a tear but didn't want to ruin my eyeliner but its okay because Baloo added all the comedy needed. Annnd I preferred the ending to this version.

This definitely exceeded my expectations and I am so glad. 

Seriously if you couldn't decide whether to watch this you need to go 


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