My Revision, Bad Pain Day or General Lounging Wardrobe

5 May 2014

With serious revision time upon us and the fact that my pain is spiking at the moment due to me forgetting that I do actually have a chronic illness and over doing it recently I thought I would share with you what fabulous and comfy clothes I wear during these fun times.

Revision and Bad Pain Day Wardrobe

This Is What Perfection Looks Like T-Shirt £8
Mens T-shirts are always better than womens. They have room for large boobs unlike some womens T-shirts which is weird because it tends to be women that have big boobs. They are also long enough. None of this riding up or cropped business. Plus they usually have cool prints/logos on them.
Check Print Pyjama Bottoms £8
Oh pyjamas what would I do without you. I would say 50% of all clothes I wear are pyjamas. I have so many I had to empty a second draw of real clothes to accommodate them. So comfy and obviously super stylish. Also great for days when my skin is freaking out because they are nice & light and don’t touch my skin too much
Ribbed Vest Top £3
Vest tops are the majority of my top collection. I always get too hot so vest tops are great. Plus light and comfy.
Lonsdale Core Jog Mens Sweat Pants £7
I may have become obsessed with these when I stole a pair from my brother when I was ill one day and needed to go out but apparently Sonic the hedgehog pjs weren’t acceptable and these were the next best thing. They are soo comfy and great when you need to go out somewhere and have to change out of the beloved pjs. I also may have slept in them a few times when I have been too exhausted and in too much pain to change for bed.
Slub Vest Top £7
Another vest top which is light, cool and nice and long.
Navy Hudson & Rose Drawstring Shorts £9.99
I got these the other day so that I didn’t spend every day chilling in the flat in my beloved pyjama shorts. I thought this might make it look like I had actually got dressed and had my life together. They are so comfy and even though I thought they were a little pricey for casual bumming around the house shorts I love them and have worn them every day and they are now in the wash :(
Grey & Black Stripe Trim Knee High Socks £3.99
I have a slight addiction to socks but I have an excuse. Crappy circulation from my Raynauds means my feet are always freezing hence the large collection of socks. I love knee high and over the knee at the moment and I really want these pairs.
Mr Cool T-Shirt £8
Once again baggy mens shirts are the way forward also no one can tell you aren’t wearing a bra
Athletic Works Neon Side Piped Cropped Leggings £5
Okay so these are supposed to be for exercising but they are so damn comfy I cant help but lounge around in them.
Mint Green Hudson & Rose Authentic Sweater £14.99
Massive fan of these sweaters as they aren’t as heavy as hoodies.
Front Zip Sports Bra £8
For those days when you need to wear a bra but normal bras are too painful (stupid things) sports bras are great. This one is awesome because it does up at the front so no wrestling trying to get it on and popping out shoulders.

I also did a post on my revision tips over on my more lifestyle blog which you can find here

So what’s in your super fabulous highly stylish comfy wardrobe

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